Love yourself.

Love yourself.

Love yourself, MORE…

…until your soul is filled with bubbles of Love, reaching a boiling point… and your Love starts overflowing… and expands to everything and everybody in your energy field… healing you and them, purely with your Love.

Even if you’ve been brutally broken, you can put yourself together, using nothing but pure L O V E.

Love is the most transformational medicine and the greatest force in the Universe. In its purest form, it’s Heaven on Earth. Not a place, but our own vibrational frequency. A natural High. A state of being that brings true healing, true joy, fulfillment, balance, completion, inner peace and wholeness back into our lives, allowing us to live authentically, from our heart, in full integrity, in this sweet, pure satisfaction, in a pure state of being, where stress, chaos, drama and dis-ease are non-existent.

And you can have it! Don’t limit your expectations on a retreat to just losing weight, and/or de-stressing and detoxing. Want it all!

All it takes is purifying, revitalising and rebalancing your body, mind and soul, and coming into alignment with Yourself, with the Earth and the Universe.

And nothing feels better than being aligned. Everything becomes so effortless. No more struggle. No more health issues. Everything just flows… easily… your whole life, your life purpose, your desires, your creativity, your inspiration, your relationships, your total wellbeing.

Because you have healed so much of all that has kept you down, trapped you, and made you question life, your faith, your sanity. And you’re so balanced, physically as well as within, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, that nothing can be said or done to deter you or bring you down. And you have reached a point where nobody in this world can convince you otherwise, and you aren’t afraid to stand in your conviction and proclaim it to the world, without any fear.

You chose total wellbeing, inner peace, bliss and Love, over distortions, illusions, drama and fear. You chose Yourself.

It is then that you truly honour Yourself, and you’re in unity from within, and in unity from above. As within, so without; as above, so below. Everything Divine is now One within.

Nothing else matters, and no storm can ever tear you down, for You are built solid, with the strength of heavens standing by Your side, as the protector of Your foundation, as the protector of who and what You are. Grounded and connected, you have risen in your vibrational frequency, and are equipped with power, wisdom and grace, for eternity. You are awake. You are healed.

Are you ready? Come heal, play and rise with us!

We paved the way through many painful, ungrounding cycles of death and rebirth. And we made it. Yay:) We now know the drill, and know how to make it all much easier for you than it was for us.

Let us help you heal and lift you up! Join us for our exclusive ‘HEAVEN ON EARTH’ Healing Retreat on the beautiful, sunny coasts of Spain.

Let us enlighten, purify and revitalise you; spoil, nourish and cherish you; and guide and empower you to continue healing yourself at home, with our exceptional, full-on, all-in retreat program:

  • 1:1 MD & Naturopath Consultation, and an individual, written, 3-month holistic healing plan
  • Sacred Shamanic Master Plant Ceremonies, medically supervised
  • Energetic Scan, DNA activation & Quantum Touch Healing
  • Whole body detoxification
  • Lymphatic drainage
  • Vibrational sound healing
  • Medically supervised fasting, optional (your choice between a delicious, whole-food, plant-based diet, an all fruit diet, juice fasting or water fasting, depending on your level of bravery)
  • Stretching, Yoga, Qigong, Trampoline
  • Guided Meditations & Shamanic Journeying
  • Breathwork
  • Forgiveness and Gratitude Classes
  • Self-Love Ceremony
  • Laugh Therapy
  • Joy Dance
  • Singing and Drumming
  • Medicine Cards, Oracle Cards & Love Messages from Spirit

and of course,

  • Workshops & Masterclasses on the most powerful Holistic, Naturopathic Healing Tools & Techniques you can use yourself, at home (perfect nutrition, perfect water, cellular purification, whole body detoxification, intestinal cleansing, cellular regeneration, proper breathing, meditation, best physical activities, proper supplementation),
  • Workshops to make your own skincare, wellness and household products, and
  • Interactive consciousness classes.

We will also enjoy the beach together, as well as our in-house art exhibitions.

Should you wish to come with your family, yes, children are also welcome. We love and cherish children. They will have their own sanctuary. Their own classes. Their own fun.

Come join us for an extraordinary, beautiful, highly transformational week of healing, bliss, holistic guidance, enlightenment and LOVE! You’re worth it.

Please contact us for dates, price, and further information.

Please contact us for booking.

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