If You Can’t Eat It, Don’t Put It on Your Skin! Make Your Own, All-Natural, Toxin-Free, Perfect & Powerful Wellness, Beauty and Household Products! It’s Easy!





Living in our modern world, we are all being literally gang-raped with toxins, from every single angle. We are exposed to SO! MANY! TOXINS!

Apart from all the radiation from flying around the world, from Fukushima, cell towers, mobile phones, Wi-Fi, from medical and dental diagnostics and treatments, there are various toxins in our waters, air and food.

Pesticides, fertilisers and toxic heavy metals, like aluminium, mercury, lead and cadmium, are basically everywhere too. Some of these are actually so poisonous that you have to wear a biohazard suit to handle them, yet they are in our vaccinations, dental fillings and non-stick frying pans, being injected or otherwise absorbed into our tissues, leaking into our food, etc.

Especially our skincare, beauty, personal care and household cleaning products are full of them, literally poisoning us, dose by dose, day by day with parabens, phthalates, pesticides, sulphates, fluoride, triclosan, aluminium, toxic preservatives, artificial fragrances, and other toxic chemicals.

Our commercial, store-bought toothpaste, sunscreens, shampoos, perfumes, creams, lipsticks, shaving creams, deodorants, air fresheners, laundry detergent, and other wellness, cosmetic, and cleansing products are choke full with toxic chemicals, and we absorb them deep into our tissues through our skin, or through inhalation.

Over time, these toxic chemicals accumulate in our brain, in our cells and organs, affecting how we feel, function, think, perform and look.

They are harming your health, damaging your brain and disrupting your hormones, causing autism and ADD, skin problems, allergies, low sperm count, less mobile sperm, birth defects and thyroid issues, or simply making you fatigued, fat, depressed and sick. Although we are all affected, children, foetuses and pregnant women are especially vulnerable to toxic chemicals. And people are literally bathing in them!

No wonder so many people have health issues!

Don’t you just want to make your own concoctions, using the most effective, all-natural ingredients, so pure that you could eat them?!


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