Your body is the only place you have to live in, at least in this lifetime. It is time you receive the right information and proper knowledge, the daily guidance and the empowerment you need to truly, deeply heal.

Of course, from a real medical doctor and naturopath with over 20 years of clinical experience, who knows what she’s talking about and walks the talk herself.

Learn how to truly heal and take care of yourself – body, mind and soul, instead of continuing to drown in (mis)information and wasting your time, energy and money on often useless supplements and treatments.

With Dr. Isabella’s Mentoring Package, you will:

  1. Have scheduled 1:1 conference call sessions (over Skype, Zoom, Whatsapp, Viber, Messenger or Bot)
  2. Receive ongoing 1:1 voicemail/email/texting support for continuous guidance – this includes help ordering your protocol supplies and answering all your questions, every day
  3. Receive your written, individual, deeply purifying, regenerating and healing life advancement protocol
  4. Receive Dr. Isabella’s uncensored books, full of life changing, life-saving and actionable information (which you will discuss personally). These books are based on Dr. Isabella’s own research and experience; there is nothing similar available!

Most importantly, you will:

  1. Analyse and discuss the core of your health condition and identify its root causes
  2. Choose the right diagnostic tools
  3. Explore options to efficiently eliminate the root causes
  4. Learn how to interpret your lab tests and other diagnostics, if available and necessary (looking at optimum, rather than ‘normal’, Dr. Isabella may see things that you have never even heard before)
  5. Explore options to strengthen your body’s natural forces and awaken your body’s innate intelligence
  6. Activate your cellular regeneration process.

Invest some time, and you will soon discover how to extract yourself from the clutches of the disease-oriented medical system. You will receive all the information and guidance you need to be able to empower your body to heal itself and thrive, and to stay healthy, for life.

Just decide to be WELL again, and choose the duration of your package.

2220,00 5550,00 



Your program will include:

  1. Awakening you to the root causes of your health issues
  2. Enlightening you with an essential working knowledge of your body
  3. Getting rid of all pathogenic bacteria, viruses, candida, worms & other parasites living inside your body
  4. Eliminating the heavy metals, pesticides and various other toxins from your cells and tissues
  5. Purging the plaque from your intestines, joints, arteries and brain
  6. Opening up your detoxification pathways
  7. Opening up your elimination channels for proper release of unwanted substances
  8. Activating cellular regeneration & enhancing cell renewal
  9. Optimising your biochemistry (aiming for optimal, vs. just ‘normal lab results)

Dr. Isabella will also:

  1. Teach you how to prepare the most perfect, purified, mineralised, energised water
  2. Teach you to cook the world’s healthiest, most nourishing, delicious foods
  3. Teach you how to make your own, perfect, all-natural, toxin-free, high-end skincare, cosmetic, cleansing and wellness products
  4. Teach you the best breathing techniques
  5. Teach you how to connect with nature (and why)
  6. Teach you how to implement proper ‘sun-therapy’
  7. Show you the best physical activities and the reasons you need them
  8. Guide you on your journey to consciousness, self-discovery and wholeness through a tried and tested soul growth protocol and teach you the game of alignment with the Universe, and if needed, also help you through a spiritual emergency, all the way from a dark night of the soul to enlightenment, peace of mind, and a happy, healthy, fulfilled life
  9. Should it, as in rare cases, still be required additionally, she will also help you choose the safest, most effective procedures conventional, allopathic medicine has to offer (world-class diagnostics, dendritic cell therapy, hyperthermia, cryosurgery, stem cell therapy, low-dose chemo, etc.).

With Dr. Isabella, you’re in the best hands. She has dedicated over 20 years of her life to studying and researching the most powerful and safe, all-natural healing modalities – at medical faculties, in clinical practice and privately -, and has already helped thousands with all kinds of health conditions achieve true healing (see TESTIMONIALS). She will help you too. We guarantee that you will be so happy that you also will recommend her to everybody you know.

Because true health is our birthright and the natural state of our being. And Dr. Isabella will not only help you reach it, but also to truly become the BEST version of yourself EVER – physically, mentally, emotionally, and even spiritually and look-wise.



Feel welcome to send us a message with any questions or concerns you may have, and we'll get back to you, asap.

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