The Foundation of Wellness – Become Your Own Doctor

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We are the hero of our own story. The foundation of Wellness is becoming your own doctor…

This is the conclusion I reached after some time as a medical doctor, and ever since, instead of handing out a quick prescription, I’ve been dedicated to explaining people how their body works, how it can heal, and how they can support it.

I took off my white coat, and instead of sitting behind my desk, I sat beside them on the sofa, or on the phone, showing them, mapping out the way. I became their teacher, their guide, their wayshower.

I became committed to help people take their power back. I became committed to help them become their own doctor. Because that’s the only way it works.

In 2016, I have also written my first book, PURIFY REGENERATE HEAL, a complete guide to becoming your own doctor, which can be downloaded here.

All diseases, disorders, chronic conditions and toxic damage to the body are reversible and can be overcome with high-density nutrition, combined with toxin elimination and whole body purification.

This must be accompanied by the willingness to examine and work through hidden emotional traumas from the past, which have created blocks in the natural, healthy flow of Qi (life force energy) through the body.

We are only as sick as what we hold onto. The Love we withhold is the pain that we carry.

We want Love, Freedom, Wellbeing and Sovereignty. We want CURE, not symptom management. Everybody deserves to be HAPPY and HEALTHY.

A few years ago, many couldn’t yet be bothered to take responsibility, they were still chasing illusions, but thankfully with this current plandemic and lockdown, more and more people are waking up.

“If you are not your own doctor, you are a fool”, said Hippocrates.

Stop giving away your power to others, especially to the medical establishment. It’s a big fat lie.

The medical system’s approach to bandaid symptoms, keeping people dependant on doctors, is a trap.

The system uses food as a weapon, as well as pharmaceuticals, vaccinations and consumer care products, all to poison people. Of course, it’s a slow-kill method, so you usually don’t drop dead, it’s usually so subtle, you don’t even notice it. (Except when you do…)

The medical industry, the pharmaceutical companies, the chemical company giants and commercial agriculture are not concerned with promoting human or environmental health, but instead, with making money off of diseases, and for the psychopaths of this world to feed off people’s suffering.

In the pharmaceutical industry, if a market area begins to taper off, they simply create another one by inventing a new disease. They do this by “upgrading” a common symptom into a disease status.

Doctors are being brainwashed and mind controlled.

A ‘diagnosis’ is nothing more than a nickname given to a collection of symptoms and it’s meaningless. What matters is what caused it.

Plus, a diagnosis is used to make people manifest their very disease by being labelled with it and staying focused on it.

Focus on Health! Focus on Wellbeing! Forget your diagnosis.

Medical agencies are all operated by conflicts of interests groups, where the wolves are guarding the henhouse, and policy tactics are manipulative marketing ploys.

It’s a sick, evil system.

I almost gave up my medical license when I realised. Instead, I chose to stay away from the spotlight and slowly expose the truth, while staying as safe as possible. I work online, coaching people at home, or at retreats.

You can reclaim control over your own health by taking responsibility and educating yourself

You can do it all by yourself, at home. I am available for coaching, if you need. Take responsibility for what you eat and what you expose yourself to, learn how to purify your body from toxicity and how to revitalise your cells.

The human body has an amazing ability to heal, if it is given the opportunity. The only medicine that is required for any full recovery is sunshine, grounding, rest, proper breathing, and a mostly raw, organic way of life, consisting mostly of fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, with some occasional legumes and ancient grains, such as buckwheat and wild rice.

Additionally, superfoods such as Red Reishi, Chaga, Cat’s Claw, Bee Pollen, Moringa Leaf, Turmeric, Stinging Nettle, Burdock Root, Dandelion Root, Sarsaparilla, Ginger, Camu Camu, Chanda Piedra, Chuchuhuasi, Acerola Cherry are amazing healers.

The quickest, most effective way to eliminate toxins and parasites from the body is with chlorine dioxide.

Digestive enzyme supplements and Betaine HCL are sometimes needed in the beginning for proper digestion and absorption, for breaking food down into absorbable and usable components and reducing the workload of the liver.

There is much more in my books, in great detail, read them.

You don’t need doctors. You need yourSelf.

Our body is the living Temple of the living God, it continuously repairs, regenerates and renews itself, if we learn to respect and honour it, and treat it with care.


With Love,
Dr. Isabella


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