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Hello Loves,


I need to share some deep Truth…

It may piss you off, but it will set you Free.

I think you are all ready for it…

So first the bad news… an old patient just called and said he just found out that his friend just passed away on a ventilator… And fact is, using a ventilator on a CV patient is not only useless, it is medical error. (Which, by the way, is the third highest leading cause of death, even officially…)

Guys, if you know anybody with CV, and you care about them, tell them NOT to go to normal doctors. Tell them to look for an awakened holistic doctor, you’re also welcome to send them here, I am happy to guide them online and teach them how to heal at home. (Not only from CV, but from anything really…)

That’s what doctors, actually, were always meant to do – teach people how to heal themselves. Doctors were never meant to just give diseases fancy, meaningless names, to then push pills, vaccinations and surgeries…

The medical system is totally corrupt, most doctors who are still within the system are badly brainwashed and manipulated by the reptilian sociopaths in control, or are even shapeshifters themselves.

In Truth, You have the Power to heal yourself. From anything. You always have. You don’t even need doctors.


I’ve said it all on my social media before, but now quickly also here the CV basics:

– to kill CV (and ANY OTHER pathogen) quickly and effectively: Chlorine Dioxide (MMS) is AMAZING

– in case of pneumonia: inhalation with Hydrogen Peroxide additionally

– in case of pulmonary embolism: high dose Curcuma and green tea, if it’s not enough then heparin too (all blood thinners)

– high dose vitamin C, iv or liposomal

– Zinc

– fresh fruit!!! all kinds, a lot!!!

– Interestingly, vegans don’t get sick… stop eating animals, they were never supposed to be eaten by humans, society has just been programmed to do so by reptilian sociopaths who have so far been in control (who even eat humans if they think they can get away with it…)

– Fasting is great too, if you can.

– Sunshine, grounding, rest.



– Vaccinations are poison, and CV, as every virus, is of course lab-made, to sell the vaccination (and pharmaceuticals and hospital beds) and poison people, to keep humanity controlled, robotised and enslaved, within the new world (dis)order.

– Knowledge is Power.



– The real virus is fear… surrender to it, let it flow through you and release it with deep breathing. That’s how you can effectively transmute lower vibrations and open up to Love, layer after layer, more and more.

– Pray or meditate.

– Feel the Love, it’s in your heart, it’s your Power, and it’s real, TRUE Medicine.


And I’ve just been pondering how all this drama had to happen because people were not yet ready for Truth when many of us already years ago tried to share all we discovered, to help humanity break free from the control system and reach sovereignty.

We’ve been attacked and threatened, over 100 holistic doctors even got murdered within the last 5 years, and we’ve all been shunned and ridiculed by society.

People were not yet ready to hear the Truth. But Truth prevails.

Truth always wins.

It’s based on Love. And Love is the greatest Power in the Universe.

And Love, actually, has already won. We are just back from the future, and the movie still has to play out to help as many people as possible to wake up.

Truth is, our body is an incredibly complex, beautiful, intelligent, Divine Creation, which can protect/heal itself from anything, if we just learn to respect, love and honour it, and treat it with care and appreciation.

Your health is in your hands. It is your responsibility.

Take your Power back!

I’m here to help.


Bee (Dr. Isabella)


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