Water Fasting – the Best Detox & the Greatest Secret to Perfect Health, Youthfulness and Enlightenment



‘Detoxing’ is the absolutely most overused word in health communities. There are thousands of detox juices, detox creams, detox patches and all kinds of detox supplements. There is intestinal detoxing, liver detoxing, heavy metal detoxing, kidney and gallbladder flushes and the Master Cleanse; there is colon cleansing, enemas and colon-hydrotherapy.

Yet, most of these are useless, and some are even outright harmful. No wonder people remain toxic…

Luckily, our body has an incredibly powerful, in-built detox system, and naturally cleanses itself – and does so amazingly, if we allow it. This is exactly what fasting does, in the most natural, efficient way.

Therapeutic fasting, also called water fasting, is, without doubt, the best detox, quick fix and greatest cure on Earth, because it lets our body do its job as it’s created to do, and our body, the most intelligent, complex system in the world, actually an extension of the Universe, then does what it’s supposed to do – with 100% perfection.

When our body doesn’t get food, one of the most fascinating healing processes in the human body, called AUTOLYSIS, sets in – and our body selectively disintegrates and removes all unwanted and unneeded accumulations from within us, all without touching any vital structures, to get building blocks for cells and tissues required to sustain our life.

After around three days of fasting, in a mind-blowingly intelligent manner, our body starts breaking down everything it doesn’t need, and old, weak, damaged, inefficient, toxic tissues and all kinds of other abnormal accumulations, such as fatty deposits, foreign proteins and excess proteinaceous growths, including tumours, cysts, polyps, abscesses, scar tissue, cancer cells, viruses, parasites and other pathogenic microbes simply start melting away.

Most infections clear up quickly with water fasting, and many notice skin growths, tags, moles and warts (all actually just an accumulation of different amino acids, and just the waste from excess proteins, which the body couldn’t deal with at the time of inflow) simply falling off, by doing nothing else than simply fasting.

Then, the autolysed fragments are partly used as building blocks for new vital tissues, partly absorbed, and partly eliminated.

Fasting allows our body to ‘clean house’. It works like a systemic ‘reset’ button, helping our body flush out toxins; lose excess fat and water; cleanse our breath, our liver, kidneys and colon, and purify our blood.

Once we’ve autolysed the bad stuff, we’re in a super state of REPAIR, and anything that is damaged in our body starts to heal. Our joints repair, our liver repairs, eyes repair, brain repairs, heart repairs, kidneys repair, arteries repair, intestinal lining repairs – and this is proven in multiple studies.

Our body incredibly rebuilds itself, from the ground up, with fresh, new, healthy tissue, and similar to growing plants from ‘cuttings’, the reconstituted tissues are physiologically much younger than the ‘original’, from which they were derived. Old and young, ill and healthy alike, are renewed and have their whole organism repaired, their functions improved.

This is called REJUVENESCENCE, and it is yet another absolutely fascinating and magical, yet truly natural process in all living beings, including humans – through which we can help our cells, tissues and organs regenerate, speed up healing processes and regain youthfulness.

How incredible?!

Our body tears down cancer cells and other unwanted accumulations, and use their proteins to build new, healthy cells from them! We may actually tear down much of our body, and then rebuild it, to have a renewed, more youthful one! Our body can literally make clean muscle mass, new skin cells, heart muscle cells and other new healthy tissue from viruses, tumours, cysts, polyps, and all the other bad growths it doesn’t need and we don’t want! And we can activate this process with fasting alone! Can you see the power in this?

Autolysis and rejuvenescence clearly show our body’s innate intelligence – at its best, and the speed at which health ailments and diseases get fixed during a water fast is really incredible. Many little health issues fascinatingly just go away – little patches of ‘weird’ skin simply vanish, moles drop off, a painful knee or hip suddenly feels well again – and these are just the minor things! Fasting can even alleviate major health concerns, and has been successfully implemented to recover from chronic fatigue, Lyme’s disease, cancer, toxicity after chemotherapy, multiple sclerosis, and so on.

On top of all this, fasting also frees the mind of social conditioning, cultural programming and educational indoctrination, and releases us from the lower world, to be connected with the higher, as it is a self-sacrifice that makes one humble and more accepting of God’s will. This has been well known for a long time.

So fasting is not a new, hipster kind of ‘detoxing’. It has been recognised for centuries as the fastest and safest way of regaining health by activating our body’s self-healing, self-repairing and self-rejuvenating functions, and has been studied by some of the most brilliant minds in the science of medicine and other related fields.

It is the greatest secret to health, youthfulness and enlightenment.

Socrates, Hippocrates, Plutarch, Plato, Pythagoras, Gandhi, Moses, Jesus, Mohammed – they all fasted.

The most brilliant, long lived, academic, athletic people, since the beginning of time, have gone on regular water fasts, for often 10 days or more at a time, to “attain mental and physical efficiency”.

Jesus fasted for 40 days and 40 nights. Pythagoras also, before taking his examination at the University of Alexandria, and then he also required his pupils to fast before they could enter his class. Moses also fasted for forty days, in preparation for receiving the Ten Commandments ( Exodus 34:28 ). Daniel fasted for three weeks before receiving his vision ( Daniel 10:2-6 ).

The ancient Egyptians were said to treat syphilis with their fasting cures, and Hippocrates prescribed fasting during the critical periods of every disease. Plutarch famously said: “Instead of using medicine, better to fast a day” and Paracelsus even claimed that “Fasting is the greatest remedy”. They were all right.

Fasting is simply the best, quickest way to jump-start your healing journey, physical and mental, and to evolve spiritually.

So how do you do it?

Obviously, you don’t eat. Anything. Water is the only thing that is allowed into your body, and this should be as pure, mineralised and energised as possible, as I discussed in my book Purify, Regenerate, Heal. (I sometimes cheated a little with some coconut water.)

Some recommend distilled water, because it is free of dissolved minerals, and thus has the special ability to actively absorb toxic substances from the body and eliminate them.

However, I don’t recommend using distilled water for more than maximum the first 3 days, if at all. Being ‘dead’ and extremely acidic, distilled water can cause an extreme and rapid loss of electrolytes (sodium, potassium, chloride) and trace minerals like magnesium, and thus many associated complications, such as heart beat irregularities, high blood pressure, extreme weakness, or even death. So make sure you’re drinking purified, mineralised, energised water.

Some also recommend a dry fast, so nothing to eat OR drink, but it never appealed to me and I haven’t tried, so I can’t say much about it. With water fasting, I am experienced, I’ve done many, the longest for 40 days, and I have also been guiding and monitoring patients.

How will you feel? The more toxic your body is, the more intense your discomfort will be on a fast, as you’re going through a HEALING CRISIS, peaking usually on the second and third days. If you have major health conditions, you may benefit from having professional supervision, otherwise you can do it by yourself. Have somebody check on you regularly, if you live alone.

Rest a lot. Honour the rules, your body, its needs and messages. You must give every opportunity for this to be a healing experience, on all levels, and you will know intuitively what you need to do, and what you need to let go of to allow this to happen.

The duration of water fasting can vary. Three days is good for minor repair, ten to fourteen days works as a complete overhaul for the body, and forty days are often sufficient for enlightenment to begin.

Most people are worried about feeling hungry on a water fast, and, admittedly, a strong desire for food and hunger do set in on the first day of the fast, increasing and reaching the climax on the second day, when most people really do suffer. However, hunger decreases again from the third or fourth day onwards and is usually totally gone by the fourth, or latest fifth day.

So, after the first 3-5 days, fasting is quite easy, with little annoyance or discomfort, and definitely way more pleasant than continued ill health! Many actually really enjoy it, and report feeling as if they had some superpowers, with often incredible mental clarity and focus.

So what will you experience? The tongue usually becomes heavily coated, and the breath offensive. Weakness may set in. Body temperature gradually normalises: if there was low body temperature previously, as with most chronic diseases, it slowly increases; and if there was an acute disease with fever, body temperature gradually drops to normal during the fast.

The average weight loss is between one to two pounds per day, with a greater loss in the beginning than towards the end. You should, however, never water fast with the purpose of weight loss – that’s not what it’s for. That being said, the way to weight loss IS a healthy body, and not the other way around.

Most people still have bowel movements on the first two to three days. Some may experience diarrhoea, whereas others may release mucoid plaque or hard and dry stools. After a few days, however, the intestines become empty, in fact, sterile, and bowel movements are absent.

I really do not recommend enemas, ever! Leave your bowels alone. There are far better ways to cleanse your bowels, from up to down, as intended by Nature, as described in my book Purify, Regenerate, Heal, by opening up your detoxification and elimination channels. To prevent feeling intestinal unease during a fast, I highly recommend the meals of the 2-3 days prior to the fast to be exclusively raw fruits and vegetable soups.

In the rare case of constipation and abdominal discomfort, tea made from organic Senna leaves boiled in water, or some ozonated magnesium powder (such as MagO7) may be added, and they quickly help.

Menses is absent in most women during a fast; however, it sometimes appears, irregularly, and in women previously affected by a congestion in the ovaries and uterus, it is often viscid and with an offensive odour – as an indication of a natural cleansing of the reproductive system.

Skin eruptions, headaches, dizziness, fainting spells, slight colds, vomiting, cramps and a sore throat may also appear, and are indicative of elimination and cleansing.

As part of the healing crisis, symptoms of an existing disease may worsen or become active again, as tissues are healed and elimination increased. It has been said that we “have to live our diseases all over again” while fasting, as with most other true healing methods.

After elimination is complete, or the fast is broken, these symptoms cease and most people are cured of their disease.

In certain cases, however, the fast must be broken earlier, such as when there is a rapid fall in body temperature and a change in pulse, indicating a complete exhaustion of the body’s reserves.

We must also break the fast in the case of extreme weakness, frequent fainting and the inability to walk alone, as well as an even temporary delirium associated with heart palpitations.

Most people are good to go though for 10-14 days, and sometimes even longer. When hunger returns, often called “true hunger”, it is an unmistakable call of the body for nourishment, and it is a clear signal to end the fast. Usually at the same time, the tongue gradually clears up and the breath becomes sweet again. These are signs that the body is done cleansing itself, and the fast can be broken.

Breaking the fast correctly is extremely important and, in certain cases, may mean the difference between success and failure, or even life and death. As the digestive organs have ceased to exercise their natural function; the digestive glands stopped producing the usual enzymes, and the stomach shrank, all an associated requirement of the physiological rest. After many days of fasting, the body loses its immediate power to digest and handle food in the usual manner, so it has to be slowly retrained again.

Coconut water, or a half glass of freshly squeezed fruit juice, such as orange, grapefruit, grape, pineapple, peach, pear, apricot, apple, watermelon or strawberry, slightly diluted and room temperature, sipped slowly, is the best for breaking the fast and for the first few feedings, as it provides rapid assimilation and quick restoration of bowel movements. And it tastes so delicious!

This can then be followed by the same amount every hour, or by one glass every two hours, for the rest of the day. On the following day, the quantity of juice may be increased slowly and vegetable soup and fruits may be added.

This post-fasting juice, vegetable soup and fruit diet should be maintained for up to six days, depending on the duration of the fast. Liquids should be sipped slowly, and when solid foods are added again, they should be fruits exclusively on the first two days, and must be chewed and chewed and chewed – to the point of involuntary swallowing.

These steps are extremely important to prevent overwhelming the digestive organs at a time when they are regaining their full working capacity and to make sure that the normal physiological adjustment of the body is completed for ideal results. Breaking the fast in this careful way, bowel function quickly gets restored to an optimum.

Strength and power, which may have been lost on the fast, are rapidly regained, along with numerous other external and internal indicators of vibrant health, such as sexual energy – which also returns with renewed vigour. Men who were impotent prior to fasting, often regain virility, and infertility among women is also frequently corrected.

Therapeutic fasting is both safe and practical. It is complete in itself and doesn’t require complementary treatments such as a liver flush or colon cleanse.

However, I absolutely recommend sunshine, grounding, deep breathing, meditation, prayer, affirmations, sound healing, hot baths, (infrared) sauna, dry skin brushing, walking, rebounding on a trampoline, light yoga and other slow-paced activities along with it, as well as for the future.

Chill and rest as much as you feel good with. Read a lot.

Whenever possible, get family members and friends to join, or join us for a retreat! Fasting within a group setting can be really fun!

Always fast responsibly, with a reasonable degree of care – and in the most effective, quick and pleasant manner, you will (re)gain total health, vitality and a near agelessness.

The bottom line is that with a water fast, we’re letting our body intelligently self-digest old, damaged and toxic tissue, and then have our body replace it with new, dynamic, revitalised tissue. We’re rebuilding and recharging our immune system and every other tissue, organ and system in our body.

With our body cleansed; toxins eliminated; infiltrations, effusions and growths absorbed; damaged and dead tissues removed and all replaced by new, strong, vital tissues -; blood rejuvenated, organs renewed, senses improved, digestion and assimilation enhanced; cells and tissues returned to a more youthful and better functioning state, biochemistry normalised, and mind purified, our body is like reborn.

And along the way, as a side benefit, we’re helping to control our weight and halt our ageing process; our body becomes lighter and more flexible; our mind becomes clearer and more creative; and physical and mental awareness, as well as consciousness highly increase. Many also develop greater intuitive powers and experience deep spiritual insights.

Water fasting is the most intense, beautiful, humbling and empowering path to detoxification, cell renewal and tissue regeneration, with an immense therapeutic benefit.

Its purpose is the promotion and complete restoration of health, vitality and youthfulness, as well as enlightenment, in the shortest possible period of time, and its result is a total body rejuvenation.

I recommend everybody to do a 3-14 days water fast, once or twice a year, and longer if you can. It will keep you youthful and healthy, year after year, physiologically much younger than you would otherwise be. Even if you would go back to your old (bad) lifestyle after, you would be way better off than before.

But you won’t. Because you now know better. Right?! The question is only; are you brave enough?

I think you are. Your body will thank you.

I am here to guide you through it within a coaching package.


Dr Isabella


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