Love yourself.

Love yourself.

Love yourself, MORE…

…until your soul is filled with bubbles of Love, reaching a boiling point… and your Love starts overflowing… and expands to everything and everybody in your energy field… healing you and them, purely with your Love.

Love is the most transformational medicine and the greatest force in the Universe.

It’s Heaven on Earth. Not a place, but our own vibrational frequency. A natural High. A state of being that brings true joy, fulfillment, balance, completion, healing, inner peace and wholeness back into our lives, allowing us to live authentically, from our hearts, in this sweet, pure satisfaction, where stress, chaos, drama and dis-ease are non-existent.

It’s not too good to be true, it’s just true. And if there is anything holding you back from believing this, that is what you need to heal.

These are actually unprecedented, historical times, with incredible, high-frequency energies coming to Earth, to help us face our shadow and release density, and allow more Love (Light) to flow into our body, so that we can rise to a higher level of vibration.

Just know that things usually go worse before they can get better. We have to descend to be able to ascend. Out of the heart of the darkness is born the light. While you are shifting, your life may go haywire, as well as your physical body. You must purge the dark, low vibrational energies from your cellular memory, and break free from thousands of years of social conditioning, mental programs and mind control, to be able to rise above the illusions, above the fog of the hologram, and liberate yourself from the duality and slavery templates currently controlling humanity.

You may have already noticed that you are needing to let go of things, people and situations from your life, which are not aligned with your heart,  simply because you cannot tolerate them any longer, and, initially, it may hurt.

You may also be feeling pressure or a burning sensation in your chest, and struggling with heart palpitations, anxiety, depression, brain fog, insomnia, fatigue, tics, body ache, and various other ascension-related symptoms.

You may want to check it all out medically, but don’t worry, it’s most likely just your body’s energy field trying to upgrade and align to these new frequencies. The more darkness you have cleared, the higher you will ‘rise’, and you will be going through cycles of descension and ascension, until you have reached a vibrational state of total inner peace and pure Love. Don’t worry, Love doesn’t hurt, what hurts is resistance. Love is beautiful.

And when we finally make it to the top of the ladder, it feels amazing! We are back in our blissful innocence and in our true power, living in the here and now, seeing ourselves in eternity. Aligned with our own Divinity, with our Light-Body activated, our whole life starts transforming, almost instantaneously actually, like Divine magic.

But until then, the further you are away from the vibrational frequency of pure bliss, from this beautiful feeling within (even despite any possible issues in your external world), the worse your transitioning symptoms may be. You may get scared. But you can’t jump off the ladder. When it’s your time, you’ll have to shift, or you’ll be shifted.

It’s all good. Relax, and keep climbing. Your soul chose this.

It’s all for your highest good, and our planet’s. Breathe and chill, ground and meditate, drink lots of purified, mineralised water, and eat lots of fruit. Connect with nature. Stop struggling, and follow your joy.


I think you would also enjoy reading and following my self-healing guides to get started on your healing journey at home. And feel welcome to book an online session or a mentoring package, if you need help and guidance.

Or join us for a truly extraordinary, transformational 7-day Retreat in Spain.

And definitely Love MORE. Love yourself, love your lover, your children, your parents, your brothers and sisters, your friends, the people at work and on the streets. Love us.

Love the sun, the sky, the trees, the flowers, the fruits, the rivers and the beaches, the forests and the mountains, love the animals.

Love life, and life will love you back.

We are SAFE to Love.

In a world only a few hearts survive, Love will lift you up to where you belong.

With So Much Love and a Big Hug,

Dr. Isabella M.D., N.D.

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