Hello Angels!

This may not be for everyone yet, but if you noticed seeing 11:11 suddenly everywhere, repeatedly on clocks, cars, receipts and billboards, as I know many of you have, and asking yourself what it means, I think you will enjoy reading this:)

Our DNA, our entire mind, chakra system and energy body are programmed with numbers, sacred geometry and colours, through which we are able to receive messages from our true homeland, the Universe, and at a certain point on our journey here on Earth, we start noticing that the Universe is speaking to us – through numeric sequences (1111, 111, 222, 333, 444, etc.), as well as sacred geometry patterns, dreams, colours, symbols and songs…

11:11 specifically is an activation code that helps us awaken to a deeper level of consciousness, to a deeper level of remembering who we are and why we came here. It signifies intuition, insight and enlightenment. It’s a code of comfort that is saying to you that you are accelerating, moving forward on your soul path and are about to go through a raise in your vibrational frequency that ultimately leads to massive soul growth, integration and evolution. It tells you that you are on your way to your soul mission, that you are blessed and protected, and that you came here to be SO much more than what you’ve been so far led to believe.

Sadly, in this 3 dimensional world we’re living in, most people are still spending their lives in a veiled state of amnesia, in a coma-like state, third-eye-blind by all the fluoride and other neurotoxins stuck in their pineal gland and all over their brain and body. On top, they are being mind-controlled by old, heavy duty illusory programs, social conditioning and distortions, and all these energies are keeping them stuck in their ego mind – their lower self. It became their comfort zone. They got used to it.

But You deserve so much more! There is no beauty and no growth in the comfort zone, and we did not incarnate here to be a part of the system, to feel sick and tired, frustrated and confused, or to live mediocre lives.

We are multidimensional, divine beings. Magic is our birthright.

Your higher self (your soul) knows and is trying to help and guide you all the time. You just have to surrender your ego (your lower self) and trust the process. All old trauma and programming must be faced, felt and cleared. No one can do this for you. If there are areas in your life where you’re not doing this yet, they will become very visible and continue to get louder until you deal with them.

And I can’t give you false hope… things will not significantly lighten up until you have transformed, changed and drastically healed your life.

This is why you are here right now. To transcend your karma, heal your conscious and subconscious wounds, and become a higher dimensional human.

To wake up the Divine within you, to reach enlightenment and total self-mastery, for Love and Peace on Earth.

If you’re repeatedly seeing number sequences, especially 11:11, it’s your time.

You’ve been probably running into all kinds of challenges recently (with people and things), which were actually all created by you to start you on your journey to expansion and growth, even if it momentarily hurts and confuses you.

You are a creative genius – creating chaos to grow and expand.

From a higher perspective, you knew that this contrast was what you needed to help you get rid of your baggage, the falsities and the distortions in your life, so that you can finally align with your truth and your soul’s destiny.

Luckily, there is a huge influx of cosmic frequencies and higher dimensional light codes coming in, now at a faster rate than ever, helping us all face and clear our distorted energies, and activate our authentic, divine blueprint; uplifting us into higher and higher states of consciousness – and it’s finally happening at a critical mass level, fast-tracking us into the new Golden Age, so that we can truly enjoy our lives, living authentically and joyfully, fully from our heart, and help move our planet from war, chaos and drama to Love, Peace and Bliss.

We are going up, and it’s non-negotiable now.

If you are on this planet, you only have one choice: to heal, evolve and grow. No one can stay stagnant anymore. The quota of light on earth has tipped the scales, and the energy upgrades are only going to get stronger. We only choose the path we take back to Source: alkaline or acidic, Light (Love) or dark (despair, control, victim/victimiser program).

All of humanity is slowly transitioning from a 3rd to a 5th (and above) dimensional frequency, and included in this is the transformation of our physical vessel. This is why so many people are having all kinds of aches and pains at this time, as well as uncomfortable sensations coming up, such as fear, doubt, worry, greed, codependency, shame, guilt, anger, etc., which all have to be faced and cleared to be replaced with higher vibrational states – true Love, understanding, acceptance, humility, perseverance, compassion, generosity and forgiveness, for applying “new” understandings, and new ways to how You/We all live our lives here.

There is a huge collective energy purge happening at the moment, as lower density timeline energy is being cleared through our physical, emotional and etheric bodies, and some of us, who already went through this for ourselves, are helping the collective clear it all. Those of you who follow reliable (alternative) media outlets will also be aware that arrests have begun to take place at the high-level fractions, and the handing over of power from the darkness to the Light has begun.

It’s showtime. Change is here.

Our spiritual awakening.

An awakening of our soul within, an unveiling of illusions and a revealing of who we really are. Like little earthquakes inside us.

It’s an awakening from the 3rd dimensional slumber of reality – an inner alchemical purification and healing process, on the deepest soul level, until all lower density energies have been cleared, which then results in a consistent level-up in our vibrational frequency.

This is true healing, on the deepest soul level.

Healing is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. It’s not easy. It’s messy. With every trigger, you will drop, only to rise another step higher once it’s cleared, and so you’ll go, higher and higher in your vibrational frequency. This process is called Ascension (uplifting). Once you understand what’s happening, it all gets exciting! But it won’t be easy… In dark tunnels, you will need to Trust.

The more healthy and pure your physical body is, free of toxins and pathogens, the cleaner your diet and your life in general, and the more you are aware of what’s happening, the smoother it will be, and the quicker you will release your fears and pains, and reach a state of Love, Peace, Bliss and Clarity, to become a Better Human, with higher wisdom, an awakened heart and an awakened mind.

We are all in charge of our own healing, but some of us, who already went through most of it (mine started in 2015 with a spontaneous Kundalini activation), as well as through most of our ascension process, are here to show you the way, and it will be much easier for you than it was for us.

Your soul will push you through tests, trials and tribulations, and you will have to face and rise above triggers and challenges. Your heart may have to be broken again and again, until it finally opens. We humans on this planet all carry core wounds and fears, some of which are deeply hidden, many of them passed down by our ancestors, which we have to unravel and detoxify, so that our heart can be free to Love “unconditionally”. This is often a painful process, and we basically experience the same level of pain and fear as we did upon the creation of the wound (kind of like when you remove a thorn from a wound).

Keep facing your pains and triggers, keep moving forward.

Listen to your intuition. Don’t struggle, don’t force anything. Learn to act only on inspiration. Stay away from drama, gossip, toxicity. Quiet time for self reflection, self-love and self-care will be crucial. Learn to nurture yourself. Breathe and relax. Try yoga, meditation, salt baths. Ground as much as you can, connect with Nature and go for a walk every day. If you’re tired, rest.

Should you be struggling with any physical, mental, emotional, or life challenges in general, I am available for 1:1 sessions, or for a 3-month mentoring package. The package consists of 3 modules – body, mind and soul, and helps you discover and master the best detoxification methods, the most powerful medicinal herbs, essential lab tests and real supplements, as well as an arsenal of healing tools and techniques, all with daily guidance through Skype calls, voicemails, texts, etc.

Don’t stay stuck with health issues, emotional pain, and rigid, limited and limiting beliefs. Don’t stay behind in the matrix. Release control and allow your higher self to remove everything unaligned and low-vibrational from your life so that you can step into your full authenticity, with higher states of consciousness, in a vibrantly healthy body.

This is our great awakening, and truths are coming in fast and furiously, for more and more people, so that we can all heal and realise our divine human template and reactivate true Love and compassion on our planet.

It’s all not easy, and at times you’ll think you won’t make it. You’ll want to go back. But if it’s your time to wake up, you can’t. You can’t stop it.

Your Soul is in charge.

No free will here. You can just delay your awakening a little and make it harder on yourself, if you try blocking it and numbing your symptoms, such as anxiety and panic attacks, with alcohol, pharmaceuticals or other drugs, or anything else. It all won’t work.

Your soul is way more powerful, and it wants to awaken and be embodied within you. Your ego has to surrender. Soulless relationships and work commitments, and anything else not aligned with your true path, with your destiny, will have to go.

The more you fight, the harder the struggle. What you resist, persists. Stop any self-sabotage. You shift, or you’ll be shifted. You better just surrender and trust the process. Your soul knows the way.

There is no way out, our awakening is programmed in our DNA.

Be grateful for your triggers, challenges and dark nights (or weeks) of the soul, because out of the heart of darkness is born the LIGHT. As the healing light bursts through your wounds as you heal, it enlightens you, and engulfs our planet with more and more Love and compassion.

You are ascending into your LIGHTbody, and this is where at one point the Magic starts happening. So, keep on healing. Pull the thorns from your wounds. Allow the wounds to air out and heal.

When you first start awakening, you will probably be having one epiphany after the other, as well as dreams, numbers and other synchronicities. (I was totally mind blown and couldn’t stop saying OMG!!!:))

As your consciousness is slowly upgraded and expanded, you will start seeing the bigger picture behind every situation, as with the eyes of Source, from a view from above. So much Magic, so much Beauty, perfect Creation, everywhere!

You will gradually rise above your fears and illusions. Things that once created inner turmoil now seem to make sense, not only can you finally make Peace with them, you now also understand why they needed to happen. Slowly, you will become non-triggerable, or even if you do get triggered, it won’t last long – you will know which tools to apply to rise again, quickly.

You will soon realise that Home is a Feeling.

That true health is the natural state of your being. That you are always loved. That you are loveable.

You will realise that money is a blessing, but greed is a curse. That the purpose of our life is Joy, and everything we desire is just for the feeling of it – for the feeling of Joy – and that it’s actually already inside you, whatever your circumstances.

You will start wanting more Freedom and less stuff. You will want more Nature. More Peace. More Love. You will realise that every challenge, every trigger is a lesson, and you will use them to learn and evolve.

You will start integrating your soul lessons and slowly return to your innocence, to your pure heart.

You will become more and more a transmitter of Light and realise that your energy has far more power than you can imagine, whether in your spoken or your written words, or in your physical presence.

You will realise that miracles are not make believe, that they do happen to those who believe in them, and that they are a reminder of our divine, multidimensional reality.

Your whole life will change.

You can’t go back. Ever. The only way is up.

To truly heal is not only about physical health.

It also involves dissolving inner conflict and the illusion of pain and separation, induced by a fear-based mindset, which is in direct conflict to the Truth of Love.

Along the way, you will also realise that dis-ease only manifests in the physical body if there are distorted emotions, which block the flow of Life Force Energy in the body and compromise the body’s strength, immunity and resilience.

We are all divine beings in the state of evolving, and our trillions of cells are all perfectly aligned with our own alignment with Source energy.

Once you are able to keep all this up in your mind, as everything else you have always known in your heart to be true, you already won the Game of Life. Then it just takes some grounding and practicing until total self-mastery – to master your vibration to create your reality.

Because, as an eternal, intergalactical being of light, You are a co-creator.

Earth is a manifestation school.

Going higher and higher in your vibrational frequency, at one point, you BECOME Love, you become Peace, you become Bliss, you become Abundance. And I’m sure you know how the law of attraction works…

We have to be the energy we want to attract.

It’s really all Magic. You’ll just want to sit outside at night, somewhere in Nature, and watching the stars, laugh forever with someone you take seriously.

Let go of resistance. Let go of the heaviness! It’s time to wake up, rise up, and bring more Magic to our lives – and to our world.

We are vibrational beings. We are Light. Our body is light source energy.

It’s really ALL energy. Allow yours to flow!

Allow your Love, Beauty and Light to shine.

Let your Soul guide you Home, to your best, highest, authentic self.

It’s who You really are.


Big Love,

Dr. Isabella



PS: We’ll be here, waiting for the others in compassionate, joyful anticipation:)

PPS: They will all catch up eventually… and we’ll have a BIG party:)

PPPS: I actually don’t go fishing! But I LOVE to sing, and the last few days it’s been ‘Heal the World’. As Michael Jackson said, ‘There’s a place in your heart, and I know that it is Love’. It’s really time that we all heal ourselves, and stand up, united, to ‘make a better place for you and for me’.

And especially for our children. This is just to get you in the mood:)


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