Let the Sunshine In! ☀💚☀Happy Summer!


Hello Sunshines!

Finally it’s Summer! June is my birth month and has always been my all-time favourite month, with SO much Sunshine, and Nature at its best, with an abundance of fresh, ripe, delicious cherries, peaches, strawberries and watermelon everywhere.

It all makes me want to bow down to the creation of Nature and the sheer beauty and magic of our Sun!

Did you know that in the 1800’s, patients’ beds were moved out of hospital rooms for sunlight therapy?

Sadly, the cosmetic industry’s propaganda, pushing their (toxic) sunscreen products, scared people away from the Sun, but in all truth, sunlight is ESSENTIAL to life.

Sunshine is our CORE ENERGY!

☝It is also full-spectrum medicine that helps heal even the most serious diseases. Sunshine converts cholesterol into Vitamin D, simultaneously reducing (bad) LDL cholesterol and increasing Vitamin D. So forget all those (toxic) cholesterol-lowering drugs – go in the Sun! And don’t think for a second that taking Vitamin D is a replacement!

But sunshine does SO much more! ☝For example, it stimulates our body to release its own ANTIMICROBIALS to fight pathogens, thereby helping us naturally eliminate one of the main root causes of diseases, even cancer!

But even more importantly, sunshine gives us the power of PHOTOREPAIR.💚 We NEED to receive photons from sunlight, as they are required to repair the ever-occurring damages in our DNA. Losing this light (photons) means losing life (death).

Without sunlight, the body malfunctions.

☀Just like plants use energy from sunlight to grow and flourish, the electrical current sent by sunshine is also key to human life processes.

So let the sunshine in!

Obviously, you should not overdo it, especially when your skin is not used to the sun. After long winter months, build up your sun tolerance gradually, by venturing outside in the sun for 10-20 minutes per day, exposing as much of your skin as you can, without sunscreen (and while we’re at it, throw away your sunglasses  too). Even better is to start in the spring, so that until the sun gets stronger, your skin will get the message to prepare for summer.

Wear clothing and a hat, or go in the shade when you’ve exceeded your limit, which can be a few minutes for fair-skinned people, and 1 or more hours for dark, tanned people.

Don’t coat yourselves with (toxic) sunscreen, blocking the Sun’s beautiful, magical, powerful rays! Commercial sunscreen products are choke full of chemical toxins, with all kinds of health-disrupting properties!

Besides, sunscreens with a high SPF give you a false sense of security, when in fact they still don’t protect well against harmful UVA rays and are, in truth, fairly pointless.

So how do you protect your skin?

Primarily from the inside, with nutrition! What you eat has a huge effect on whether you develop a beautiful, glowing tan, or just burn badly. Eat at least 5-6 servings daily of these skin-protecting foods and nutrients:

  • Lycopene: in watermelon, tomatoes, red grapefruit, guava
  • Carotenoids (such as beta carotene): in orange and dark green coloured vegetables, such as sweet potatoes, carrots and kale
  • Vitamin C: in papaya, pineapple, strawberries, kiwi, bell peppers, Brussels sprouts
  • Selenium: Brazil nuts, mushrooms, barley, brown rice
  • EGCG: green tea is the highest in EGCG, but white tea and oolong tea also contain it
  • Omega-3 fatty acids: flaxseeds, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds

All you need to know about nutrition is in my book Nourished by Nature, as well as the best, simple recipes for clean, high-vibe, delicious, plant-based comfort foods in my cookbook K.I.S.S. in the Kitchen. (Which stands for Keep It Simple, Silly… So no excuses!)

When it comes to sunscreen (or any other wellness products), I have a rule. If I can’t eat it, I don’t put it on my skin.

Topically, all plant oils provide fantastic, natural SPF (sun protection factor), and I use them daily, often in combination. My favourite combo is  coconut oil & carrot seed oil, or a mix of castor oil and aloe vera gel, both as light, non-comedogenic moisturisers with natural SPF. But there are many others you can use.

The plant oils with the highest SPF values are:

  • Red raspberry seed oil (SPF 30 to 50)
  • Carrot seed oil (SPF 30)
  • Wheat germ oil (SPF 20)
  • Hazelnut oil (SPF 15; widely used in natural sunscreens)
  • Shea butter (SPF 10)
  • Olive oil (SPF 8)
  • Coconut oil (SPF 7)
  • Olive oil (SPF 7)
  • Macadamia nut oil (SPF 6)
  • Castor oil (SPF 6, difficult to spread, must be mixed with a more fluidy oil)
  • Almond oil (SPF 5)
  • Jojoba oil (SPF 4)
  • Avocado oil (SPF 4 to 15)

Use one, or make your own mix. I also like to add essential oils for their beautiful smell and extra healing properties, especially lavender, sweet orange, rose, rosemary or frankincense.

For extra protection on your face and neck, dust some non-nano zinc oxide powder on top of the plant oil on your skin, spread it evenly, and massage it in. (You can order all here.)

In my book Skin Sweets, I have my full collection of the best recipes for making your own wellness, beauty and household products – all of them all-natural, toxin-free, perfect & powerful.

Really, no need for all the chemicals!

So that’s all. I just wanted to wish you all a beautiful summer. Enjoy the sun! Love the sun! It really heals us! Much more on this, also on the magical effects of sun gazing on consciousness and brain power, in the chapter Sun-Therapy, Full Spectrum in my book Purify, Regenerate, Heal.

With Love,


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