The Wound Is the Place Where the Light Enters You

Hello Beautiful People,

After my bold move of asking you all to subscribe again recently, I’m SO happy you’re still here 🙂 It feels good to know that so many of you are on one page with me and are ready to listen to my nudges to work on yourselves 🙂

Just quickly, to show our appreciation, we would like to offer you a discount of 10%, should you still have not read my books and would like to buy them, or if you would like to join our self-healing Academy course, or book a consultation, or a mentoring package with me. The code, of course, is LOVE 🙂 There are also new articles up in the blog, all about true health, nutrition and longevity.

But today, I wanted to talk about something not so strictly medical again – about spiritual detoxing.

And spirituality. No, not about candles, incense sticks, yoga, gurus and meditation – that’s all nice, but just a good preparation, and if that’s all we end up doing, it’s really just spiritual bypassing.

True spirituality is the peeling off of our ego-based fears, masks and limitations, from this lifetime and past ones, layer by layer, pain by pain, truth by truth, until we purify, on the deepest soul level. It is a spiritual journey of unlearning fear and the acceptance of love being our true identity.

Although this is a very beautiful, sacred process, it is also extremely painful for most, because we have to shed the old so that we can expand and ascend.

To align with our true self, we often have to go through a so-called dark night of the soul, an extremely intensive and challenging awakening experience, which strips us to the core and can feel like being trapped in a death that will never end. And it can last up to a few months.

Suddenly, all our pains, abandonment and rejection issues, all shame, blame, guilt, etc. – really all just mud that living human lives has put on our soul -, bubble up to the surface, for release.

This process can set in spontaneously, but is more commonly triggered by an intense experience, such as true love, heartbreak, health or money issues… And it hurts, big time. Way more than anything we have ever experienced before.

Often coming from a place of higher knowing, when we have already reached a certain level of spiritual awareness and understanding, the dark night of the soul invites us to fully recognise the confines of our egos’ identity, and we may feel as if we are trapped in a prison that affords us no access to light.

We may have already spent a lot of time and energy reaching toward the light of higher consciousness and suddenly feel shut off from what we thought we had realised, and the despair and emotional pain we feel is very real. We may even begin to feel that we are lost in this darkness forever.

But in all truth, all the looking to the light, raising our vibration and trying to be happy won’t be lasting if we haven’t faced and released our shadow selves. Pain is essential for growth.

And the more we struggle against it, the darker things get… until we finally surrender to our not knowing what to do, how to think, where to turn. It is from this place of losing our sense of control that our ego begins to soften, and the possibility of light entering us becomes real.

It is only when we finally stop believing in and release our old, false identity, that we can start owning and embracing the light.

All this is a magical process, yet often also a real spiritual emergency that should be treated as such. However, people are not aware it exists, often even in spiritual circles. And you may be looking for help.

If any of you are going through unexplained sadness, hopelessness, isolation, anger, depression, anxiety, confusion, or insomnia, please reach out to me. I already went through it all and know the hacks to coming out on the other side, and I can tell you… It feels AMAZING! With the right support, healing energy, and the proper next steps, your soul may be about to flourish in ways it never has before, in any of its incarnations!

“Your pain,” wrote Kahlil Gibran, “is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding.”

Because a seed must come completely undone. The shell cracks, its insides come out and everything changes. To someone who doesn’t understand growth, it would look like complete destruction. But you now do. And you know it’s a rebirth.

So be excited, because there is a massive influx of energies coming our way, and Earth, and most of humanity in it, are on a fast-track path of ascension, and the potential for a massive change in our collective is immense. And we deserve it.

It is a divinely guided process, which has been called in by our souls.

Because there is always a plan, and our soul knows what it is.

All this is happening so that we can finally rise above the sufferings of our humanness, and align with who we REALLY are – honest, vulnerable, intimate, unique, bold, real, all-knowing consciousness in a human body, standing in our power, truth and magnificence, whole, fearless and determined, with our hearts open and full of love and compassion, for ourselves, for each other, for our animals and our planet.

The broken, the scared in us was just our ego, all along. Our soul, no matter how broken we are, is always in a state of Love.

So let your soul rise above your ego and break through to the dawn of higher consciousness. Wake up to the true Source of your divine power. Your beauty. Your courage. Your origins….

You see, a beautiful person doesn’t just happen. They went through all this, that’s why they can now live in constant love, compassion, abundance and gratitude – the true essence of spirituality.

You can all do this, gorgeous souls. Get out of your comfort zones. Be grateful for all triggers, and use them to rise and shine!

With Love,
Dr. Isabella


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