How You Raise Your Vibration?


How you raise your vibration?

Ok Lovelies… this is going to be short and easy ๐Ÿ™‚

Because the answer is simple: by feeling good.

Feeling good aligns and harmonises you, and your frequency naturally rises. So seek to feel good!

Follow your desire, follow your heart.

Let go of anything that doesn’t nourish your Soul.

Discard any information that doesnโ€™t resonate with you – meaning it doesn’t feel good. It doesn’t feel good because it goes against your Soul’s knowing. Even if it’s just the chatter of your own mind, if it makes you feel icky, discard it. Your Soul knows better and is trying to guide you. Listen!

Stop watching TV and reading the ‘news’, they are filled with toxic vibrations. Drop conspiracy theories too. Don’t engage in arguments or in gossip.

If any pain comes up, don’t numb it, don’t hide it. Embrace it! Because itโ€™s there to show you something. Feel it, and then release it – breathe it out, cry it out. Or even scream it out, if you must? ( Maybe in your car ๐Ÿ™‚ ) Or get a boxing bag.

Stop being a people-pleaser.

Protect your energy by setting good, healthy boundaries for yourself. Withdraw, in peace, from negative situations, or anything that doesn’t feel good. Be cautious of others trying to abuse your kindness and pushing you past your limits.

Leave your job, project, relationship, friends, situation, or anything that is not aligned with your true self.

Stop judging and blaming. It’s enough to disengage.

Let go of resistance.

Look for, and focus on the Beauty and the Love, everywhere.

Look for the best in everything and everybody. Especially in yourself.

Love yourself, and focus on your own happiness, first. Then the Love in you will start overflowing, and you will be able to share it with everything and everybody.

Forgive everybody. Even really bad people who hurt you. They are lost Souls. Work on your compassion. (Of course, this doesn’t mean you want them in your life anymore.)

Be grateful for everything, including every lesson and painful experience (because your Soul actually called it in to help you grow).

Chill more! You have to let go and relax, to be able to receive ( all the goodies from the Universe ๐Ÿ™‚ ).

Do more of things that feel good. (For me it’s long baths, reading, walks on the beach or in the forest, yoga, massages, dancing, singing, writing. Find yours.)

Connect with Nature. Bask in its beauty! Dip your bare feet in the sand. Hug trees. Stop and smell the roses. Really.

Breathe deeper. I love to inhale love and exhale gratitude.

Remember that you are infinite, non-physical Consciousness. Surrender to your inner Divinity. Trust, and follow the yellow-brick road.

And repeat after me:

  • “I am FREE.”
  • “I am vibrantly healthy and radiantly beautiful.”
  • “All adventures lead me where I need to go. Love awaits.”

You can even make your own rhymes:

  • “I am rich as can be, and it’s setting me free.”
  • “I am calm and centred, and quiet and still, I love myself and always will.”
  • “I have a wonderful business, in a wonderful way, and I bring wonderful service for wonderful pay.”

Or here my favourite ones ๐Ÿ™‚

  • “I open my heart fully, allowing myself to feel childlike wonder and innocence.”
  • “Life is a delightful dance, and I am here to frolic and play.”
  • ” I’m ready, with a big smile, and I have on my dancing shoes!”

Haha, I hope you’re getting my point?

Oh and one more:

Smile and hug, and most importantly, LOVE more. And MORE… And MORE…


Lots of Love,

Dr. Isabella


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