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As you may already know, I am in LOVE with nature and plants in general, and especially of the Rainforest in Peru and the rest of the Amazons. Raising awareness for protecting our tress was also one of my reasons for not wanting to print my books on paper, and I thank you for your support of the electronic versions.

The Amazon rainforest, the richest botanical resource in the World, sprawling an astonishing 1.4 billion acres, is an incredibly magical place full of life, energy and uniqueness.

Hidden in its depths are the most incredible, mind-blowing plants and secrets, used by Peruvian Medicine people, called curanderos or shamans, full of wisdom and integrity, who practice ancient healing ceremonies and offer healing retreats that are truly out-of-this-world.

Their knowledge is immense, and their plants’ healing power is phenomenal, near miraculous actually.

If you are suffering from a life-threatening disease or any addictions, if you feel empty or trapped in your life, or are just looking for personal healing and growth, I highly recommend the journey to the jungles of Peru for an unimaginably profound, sometimes tough, but always beautiful healing experience. Otherwise pay attention now, here. Truly, you can also travel to Thailand, to breathtaking wild nature, stay in gorgeous villa on Koh Samui  and try some of their traditional healing methods.

Most ethnobotanists agree that the Amazon region is the most obvious place to look for the cure, and I mean the proper CURE, for cancer, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, IBS, addictions, depression, diabetes, hypertension, PTSD, epilepsy, you name it!

For every single disease, there are plants. We just have to know which ones.

But their power is well known in the pharmaceutical industry. Over 25% of our modern pharmaceuticals are already derived from plants in the Amazon Rainforest. Then, obviously because natural substances are not patentable, they are chemically altered so that they can be patented…

But why take a chemically altered version? And why wait for our scientists to wake up? Why wait for the patenting processes, which take ages?

Many of these plants are available, people just don’t know about them.

Yet these indigenous jungle herbs are real, and they truly heal.

These herbs have been used for thousands of years for medicinal purposes in the Amazons, yet are totally unknown in our ‘developed’ world. And it’s such a shame! You really must know!

You will find a lot of information on all of them in my Books, as well as our Unlimited Health Academy program. Or book a consultation and let’s discuss your specific needs and treatment options.

With Love,

Dr. Isabella


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