Cat’s Claw & Co. – From the Rainforest to Our Rescue

One of my all-time favourite botanical superstars from the Amazon Rainforest is CAT’S CLAW, called Uña de Gato in Spanish, or also Uncaria tomentosa.

Cat’s Claw is definitely among the most amazing and powerful plants on this planet.

In its cat-like manner, Cat’s Claw pounces through our body, powerfully and effortlessly, cleaning and repairing everything, from our digestion to our DNA.

Dr. Brent Davis calls it “The Opener of the Way” for its ability to cleanse our tissues, and our intestinal tract in particular, gracefully moving through our organs and tissues with delicate ease, finesse and mastery, removing viruses, bacteria and parasites, and even severe intestinal derangements that no other product can touch.

Cat’s claw is an angel and an assassin – a gentle force that stalks, hunts and pounces on illness and disease, as though these things were helpless, unfortunate, tiny little insects – devouring, transforming and eliminating them.

With its remarkable ability to cleanse the entire intestinal tract, it helps to heal from various stomach and bowel disorders, including gastritis, GERD, ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome, leaky gut, food intolerances, Crohn’s disease, diverticulitis and haemorrhoids, and even from diseases of the uterus, prostate, liver, spleen, kidneys, thymus and thyroid, which are often the result of a deep-seated infection lodged in the intestines and the mesentery – by gently removing anything that doesn’t belong there.

Due to its deep cleansing effect, it also enables our body to better absorb nutrients, and thus helps to correct nutritional imbalances created by digestive blockages.

As it slowly removes the pathogens, the intestinal wall regenerates, a previously leaky gut heals and food intolerances disappear.

It also helps to restore intestinal flora balance, way better than any probiotic could, which I actually don’t recommend, for many reasons. We actually want to reduce our bacterial load initially, not increase it, and in the beginning of any healing protocol, I even recommend avoiding fermented foods.

Same goes for most probiotic supplements. They are also extremely acid forming and made with genetically modified flow agents and fillers. They’re also mostly useless, as the bugs we deal with eat them for dinner, and the more expensive the strain, the more our bugs love it. Furthermore, once our gut heals, our beneficial flora gets repopulated, especially if we still have our appendix.

By the way, don’t let your organs be cut out, unless they’re dead. They all have their purpose. Every infection and degenerative disease can be dealt with; you just have to learn how.

But back to our superstar. Cat’s Claw is sometimes also referred to as the ‘Bodyguard’ because it enhances immune function, almost like no other.

It also has a strong anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effect and is also a powerful cellular rejuvenator, and increases vitality and stamina. It even strengthens us on a spiritual level, enhancing our intuition and bringing us clarity on our life and path.

Does this sound too good to be true? It’s really not. It is true. Because plants’ intelligence is immense.

And there are many others, including SARSAPARILLA, PAU D’ARCO, GRAVIOLA,  CAMU-CAMU, CATUABA, CHANCA PIEDRA, MUIRA PUAMA, MUNA, SANGRE DE DRAGO, SUMA, SAMAMBAIA, and many others, just as powerful, for various conditions, and I usually alternate a few specific ones, depending on the health condition. They are an essential part of my healing protocols.

There is so many more I could write about them! These plants are SO incredibly powerful!

They are not your usual kind of supplements! Whereas synthetic, mostly GMO multivitamins actually do more harm than good, Rainforest plants are real, sacred medicines, with real benefits.

Rainforest herbs truly heal.

There is much more info and a guide on them all in my book Purify, Regenerate, Heal, as well as in our Unlimited Health Academy program, and you can also book a consultation, or the 99 Days to Perfect Health package to let me help you establish your healing protocol and your specific blend for your specific health issues.

And if you can, book a trip in the rainforest! It’s an incredibly magical place, full of sacred healing plants.

With Love,

Dr. Isabella


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