A Standalone Treatment for Hair Loss?

Hair Loss

Hair loss, just like any other health challenge you may have, is a sign your body is giving you that something is just not right on the inside. Hair loss, just like any other symptom you may have, is simply your body’s cry for help.

So, to truly help, I usually guide my patients through a deeply purifying, detoxifying, regenerating, healing protocol to eliminate all underlying causes and awaken their body’s innate intelligence to help it heal itself.

I also love using various Rainforest plants for specific conditions, such as Nettle, Mutamba, Catuaba, Sarsaparilla, Muira puama and Chuchuhuasi specifically for hair loss.


And Polysorbate 80.

Polysorbate 80 - Hair LossPolysorbate 80 is a compound commonly found in foods and cosmetics. As both a surfactant and emulsifier, Polysorbate 80 has earned much recognition over the years. It is found in a variety of cosmetics, including soaps and eye drops, and is regularly used in ice cream to provide its smooth quality.

Polysorbate 80 is, however, also a possible treatment for hair thinning and loss.

Can Polysorbate 80 Treat Hair Loss?

There’s plenty of anecdotal evidence supporting the use of Polysorbate 80 for the treatment of hair loss. But is there also scientific research to back up these claims?

While no studies have been performed on Polysorbate 80 in particular, there have been studies which incorporate the substance into their research.

One such study was performed in 2014. The study’s main goal was to examine the effectiveness of Cuscuta reflexa Roxb in the treatment of alopecia. More specifically, alopecia caused by Cyclophosphamide (CYP), an often used anticancer drug which induces alopecia in patients.

24 male rats were split into four groups.

Group I was the control group, receiving vehicle (distilled water) only.

Group II was the negative control group, receiving only an injection of CYP on the 9th day post hair removal.

Groups III and IV also received injections of CYP on the 9th day, however Group III received an oral supplementation of petroleum ether extract solution of C. reflexa (containing Polysorbate 80) from day 10 through day 19. Group IV, however, received oral supplementation of ethanolic extract solution of C. reflexa.

Prior to the start of the experiment, each of the mice had a patch of hair on their backs removed in order to start anagen phase. Additionally, Groups II, III, and IV received injections of CYP for alopecia induction.

After completion of the study, these were the results obtained:

Polysorbate 80 Hair Loss
Comparison of baldness pattern in each group. (A) Animal treated with Vehicle only showing No hair loss (B) Animal treated with CYP showing diffused alopecia. (C) Animal treated with CYP and Pet ether extract showing less hair loss. (D) Animal treated with CYP and ethanolic extract showing less hair loss. a: After Depilation, b: After 9th Day of study (CYP Administered) c: After 19th Day of study.

Now, we’re most interested in groups III and IV (labeled as C and D, respectively, in the above diagram). Group III’s solution contained Polysorbate 80 while Group IV’s did not. Of course, we also have to consider that results may vary due to the solution preparation of C. reflexa.

An can be seen in the photographs, hair growth was better observed in Group III, the group which received a petroleum ether extract solution of C. reflexa, which also contained Polysorbate 80.

What This Study Means for Hair Loss Sufferers

As previously mentioned, while Polysorbate 80 wasn’t the main focus of the study, it did seem to play a key role in hair regrowth.

This is promising for those who suffer from alopecia, especially since many theorise that Polysorbate’s main mechanism for hair growth is the removal of DHT from the scalp and hair follicles.

How Polysorbate 80 Is Used

As a standalone treatment method, Polysorbate 80 is applied directly to the scalp.

Simply add a few drops to your palm (or apply to scalp directly) and massage into scalp until thoroughly covered. You may rinse off with lukewarm water about 10-15 minutes after application.

You may apply it daily, but keep an eye on how your scalp responds to it. You may experience dryness, as the polysorbate may be drawing too much oil from your scalp. In this case, apply less frequently (3-5x/week) or for shorter periods of time (5-10 minutes).


Polysorbate 80 is available as a standalone ingredient, and this is the cheapest and most effective way to introduce Polysorbate into your hair care routine.

It can be bought from specialty cosmetics stores, both online and in-person, as well as online.


If you’re looking to treat hair loss and regrow hair, then Polysorbate 80 isn’t a bad choice. After all, there is preliminary scientific research to back its effectiveness, and side effects are few.

However, I would say that there are more effective methods of re-growth available that are 100% natural – this is a very good example of one of those and will work more effectively than polysorbate 80.

For the greatest success, it’s best to treat the underlying causes of hair loss. You can learn more about the underlying causes of your hair loss, as well as natural treatment methods within a Mentoring Package, or a consultation.

This content was inspired by an article that can be found here.


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