How to Get Rid of All Your Health Concerns at Once

99 Days Package

Hello beautiful people,

When overcoming any disease, and it really doesn’t matter what it is, there is a certain fundamental and detailed approach that has to be in place for any meaningful results.

Few teach you this, as living in our ‘instant gratification’ society, we want results NOW, and quick-fix ‘treatments’ and magic potions are much more popular. However, these are nothing more than a band-aid on the symptoms, BEST case. They also don’t give you the confidence that comes from truly taking care of your body.

Although I would also love a magic pill that makes me look like a supermodel overnight and feel amazing all the time, I am far more interested in what truly works, as opposed to what is popular, and I hope you are too. Because I want you all to be well. That is why I felt a calling to write my books and am guiding my patients through a deeply purifying and regenerating protocol.

And it really WORKS. Because true health IS the natural state of our being. We just have to remove the bad and enhance the good. It’s actually EASY. And natural. And SO common sense!

So I want you to know that whatever your health challenge, you CAN heal it. You CAN become WELL and feel 100% ALIVE again.

And just because I love you all, I will tell you HOW I do it. These are the basic steps of my protocol and what I am working on with my clients in my 99 DAYS TO PERFECT HEALTH package:

  1. Awakening you to the root causes of your health issues
  2. Enlightening you with an essential working knowledge of your body
  3. Getting rid of all the viruses, bacteria, candida, worms & other parasites living inside your body
  4. Eliminating the heavy metals, pesticides & various other toxins from your cells and tissues
  5. Purging the plaque from your intestines, arteries and brain
  6. Opening up your detoxification pathways
  7. Opening up your elimination channels for proper release of unwanted substances
  8. Activating cellular regeneration & enhancing cell renewal
  9. Optimising your biochemistry (following optimal, versus just ‘normal’ lab results)
  10. Teaching you how to prepare the most perfect, purified, mineralised, energised water
  11. Teaching you to cook the world’s healthiest, most nourishing, delicious foods
  12. Teaching you how to make your own, perfect, all-natural skincare, cosmetic, cleansing and wellness products
  13. Teaching you the best breathing techniques
  14. Teaching you how to connect with nature (and why)
  15. Teaching you how to implement proper ‘sun therapy’
  16. Showing you the best physical activities and the reasons why you need them
  17. And, if you like, also teaching you the game of alignment with the universe, helping you through a spiritual emergency if needed, all the way from a dark night of the soul to joy, love and enlightenment…

Of course, you also receive your individual, written action plan, consisting of all fundamental remedies as well as specific actions and supplements you will want to consider for your specific condition.

And should it, as in rare cases, still be required additionally, I also help you choose the safest, most effective procedures conventional, allopathic medicine has to offer (low-dose chemo, dendritic cell therapy, hyperthermia, cryosurgery, stem cell therapy, etc.).

And much much more… Because I am a perfectionist, and I want you purified and regenerated, aligned and energised. I want you HEALTHY.

The pinnacle of my over 20 years of clinical practice, extensive, open-minded research, as well as personal experiences, merging the most powerful healing techniques from the fields of Holistic, Functional, Nutritional, Naturopathic, Energy, Anti-Ageing and Regenerative Medicine, this is the most comprehensive, all-natural, clinically proven, deep healing program that has EVER existed.

Because helping you reach clarity and perfect health, and live your life in absolute joy is my passion. It is my mission.

So, using the BEST, MOST POWERFUL, ALL-NATURAL, deep healing techniques, detoxifiers, antimicrobials, cleanses, cellular regenerators and botanical superstars, we will be addressing the underlying issues from every single angle and eliminate them, we will help your cells and tissues regenerate, and awaken the natural forces inside your body – to help your body repair, restore and heal itself, and rejuvenate.

If this resonates with you, sign up here for your 99 DAYS TO PERFECT HEALTH program. Let’s get started. We have stuff to do.

Much Love,
Dr. Isabella


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