“Milk Does The Body Good” is One of the Biggest Lies Ever

milk risks

Encouraging your children to drink milk is actually doing them way more harm than good.

Milk is NOT a health food!

Why don’t we have huge ad campaigns telling parents to feed their children cabbage, kale, or broccoli, and other natural whole-foods, you may ask? Simply because there is much less profit to be made due the low price and markup that the food industry can make from them.

BUT in all truth, dairy cows are pumped with hormones and chemicals, which filter down into the milk you buy in the supermarket, not to mention the pus and blood that is bleached to hide it, rather than removed.

Shockingly, every litre of milk has a quantity of pus allowed, and the industry is knowingly selling a product that they know is contaminated.

Most ironically of all, there have actually been studies that suggest that not only does drinking milk NOT give you healthy bones, but it might actually be damaging them, and I explain why in my book Nourished by Nature.

Another study, conducted by Swedish University Uppsala, recently again found that those who drank more milk had an increased mortality rate, and a tendency to have more osteoporosis and bone fractures!

Don’t you just want to get your milk from almonds and coconuts???

This content was inspired by an article that can be found here.


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