The Link between Iron Toxicity, Magnesium Deficiency, a High Pathogenic Load & Disease

If you have ever had a consultation with me, are on my healing protocol, or have read my books, you know how ESSENTIAL it is to get rid of the toxic, pathogenic junk from inside our bodies so that we can heal. Because it is actually the pathogens inside us, which our tissues are literally bathing in, which are stealing our nutrients, dumping their toxins inside us, manipulating our immune system, our thoughts, our metabolism, etc. – simply masquerading as disease.

And you know that by eliminating the bacteria, viruses, mould, and other parasites from our body, and strengthening our body’s natural forces and innate intelligence, we can truly heal from anything.

You also know that heavy metals, such as mercury, aluminium and cadmium, as well as other toxins vibrate with a frequency that attracts these parasites.

But what feeds them? What makes them grow and flourish, hiding in their biofilm? Yes, they know how to survive, and can adapt to their environment, but, really, it’s NOT sugar. It seems to be Iron!

It has taken me much of an open mind to fully process the many stellar studies on the TOXICITY of Iron. You will not enjoy what this article has to say… View Study

Because there is a lot of evidence that ALL manner of pathogens – bacterial, fungal, viral, parasitic, mycotoxin, borrelia, etc. – MUST have iron to flourish and grow….

And where do they find that iron?! Largely from the iron “stored” in our Ferritin!

Iron also induces oxidative stress. Doctors really must step back and seriously re-think our “allopathically-inspired Ferritin loading strategy…” In my humble opinion, it is radically flawed. Because Iron seems to be the source of food essential for these pathogens…

You may not even know it, but if you have any health challenges, you too are dealing with Candida, mould, viral issues, chronic infections, parasites…

You could get a comprehensive blood test that measures ALL facets of Iron, including your Ceruloplasmin (Cp) status.…

While this highlighted article is “silent” on Cp’s central role in Iron management, I believe there is enough evidence that should overcome even the greatest of skeptics… Cp makes Copper bioavailable, AND manages every facet of Iron metabolism.

But what does all this have to do with Magnesium? Iron increases our Magnesium Burn Rate!

One of Magnesium’s greatest gifts is to change the structure of key chemicals so that they work optimally inside our bodies & inside our cells. It does this for ATP, and Ceruloplasmin (Cp), among others! (There are 3,571 proteins that MUST have Magnesium to work properly…)

So, we have come full circle…

We have keen insight on how we keep losing our Magnesium, and we now know that to optimise the function of our Ceruloplasmin, our Magnesium had best be robust!

Thank you for taking the time to plow through this material, I know it is not an easy read, NOR is it a pleasant message. But I firmly believe it extends our understanding of the truth of our physiology & pathophysiology!

We have much to discuss and much to do to correct our thinking, and to correct the notable metal (low Magnesium, low Copper <> high Iron) imbalances and the high toxic, pathogenic load, which are the very root of what ails us…

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This content was inspired by an article that can be found here.


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