Getting in Touch with Your Higher Self

As human beings, we are not meant to walk through our lives alone. In times of deep stress, though, it often seems that we can’t rely on the people around us for the sort of help we would need to keep going. Mostly, they cannot help us. But we can always make contact with our Higher Self: A spiritual part of us that keeps us motivated and supported, as we make our journey through life.

All of life is connected, woven together in a tapestry of consciousness that pervades every inch of the Universe. If the Universe were a tree, with roots, a trunk, and branches, our higher selves would be the tap root that extends deep into the metaphysical warp to bring us nourishment. The higher self is a super-consciousness, connecting us to all that is.

What follows are seven ways to begin to contact your higher self directly:

1. Cultivate your inner listening abilities: As the world around us gets faster and louder, we are called upon to sit still, and remain silent, in order to get in touch with ourselves. Taking a break from technology, or “digital fasting” gives us a chance to listen within ourselves and begin to distinguish our truer thoughts from our mundane, everyday worries. Within the silence of true listening, a voice can be heard — the voice of our Higher Self.

2. Feel your Higher Self’s embrace: In traditions the world over, the Higher Self is shown as existing over your shoulders, making a bridge to the wisdom of the ancients. In moments of particular clarity, your Higher Self can be felt as a radiant pillar of light, extending towards the heavens. By feeling your way into the light of this pillar, you can begin to directly contact help and guidance.

3. Meditate at the same time each day: Moving with the rhythm of life is one of our most powerful abilities as human beings. By setting up a daily rhythm of meditation and hottest yoga San Diego at the same time, we allow our Higher Self to come closer to us — to give us exactly the sort of support that we need. It’s important to make this routine sacred, to give our Higher Selves the time to attune to our new-found rhythms.

4. Use muscle testing: Choose a body trigger that can give you a yes or no response, such as interlacing your fingers. Ask a question of yourself, then test this connection — if they hold strong, that’s a definite “yes”, whereas being easily broken indicates “no”. By bypassing our conscious mind, and going directly to our bodies for information, we give our higher self a chance to communicate more directly.

5. Have an adventure: Stagnation is the root cause of all disease; by mixing up our routines, we give new, fresh opportunity for our Higher Selves to make contact and give the guidance we need. If you’re planning, it’s not a true adventure — you must leave it all to the wind, and go only where you feel guided. Together, you and your Higher Self can find your way to a new solution to old problems.

6. Find connection with the moon: One of our surest measures of the passage of time, the moon holds a special place in esoteric traditions from around the globe. By attuning ourselves to its rhythm, we open the door for new guidance and direction from our Higher Selves, and greater connection with the whole world around us. From this sort of rhythm, it becomes easier to see the totality of our being.

7. Find your relaxation: Being open means being relaxed, and vice versa. For every moment of stress we experience, we close ourselves off to the endless possibilities of a beautiful world. By having faith in the rhythms and processes of life, we restore a sense of ease and well-being to our everyday lives. This makes it that much easier for our Higher Self to contact us in simple, everyday moments.

As you continue to attune more closely with your Higher Self, you may begin to notice that your awareness moves out of your daily meditation practice into being a constant state of being. With the help of your Higher Self, you can continue to attune to this frequency, and let it lead you towards an exciting, relaxed, fulfilling life. For each step you take towards these goals, you will be justly rewarded.

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