Lymph Congestion May Be the Beginning of Weight Gain, Depression, Ageing and Even Cancer – and How to Fix It

Our bodies, tissues and cells are bombarded by toxins and pathogens, 24/7, through our lungs, mouth and skin, and we can only be healthy if proper cellular detoxification is allowed. And the lymphatic system is the master when it comes to detox.

The lymphatic system is our primary immune defense and waste eliminator system.

It is the plumbing, or ‘drainage’ system of the human body, responsible for cleansing our body by removing toxic matter from our cells, tissues and organs. It consists of our lymphatic vessels, lymph nodes and lymphocytes, and further of our adenoids, appendix, Peyer’s patches, tonsils, thymus, spleen and bone marrow, which produce our lymphocytes.

Invaders are destroyed by our lymphocytes mainly in our lymph nodes, which act as filtering agents, and then are collected by our lymphatic vessels, along with dead cells, toxins, metabolic cellular waste and other disease fighting materials, to be transported to our veins within the lymphatic fluid to be eliminated via bowels, urine and sweat. Nutrient-rich plasma fluid is then supplied back to the heart.

Our lymphatic system is SO important to our wellbeing that it spans our entire body. Actually, if it would stop working, we would be dead within 24 hours.

Unsurprisingly, a large number of in-vitro human and animal studies have recently shown a causative relationship between a congestion in the lymphatic system and diseases, confirming what Ayurveda has already described many thousands of years ago as Rasa Dhatu.

According to Ayurveda, the lymphatic system is the very first system we must treat, as it represents the drains of the body. If the drains become clogged, all the damaged cells, various toxins, pathogens, allergens and all kinds of other irritants accumulate in our tissues – and cause numerous health issues.

Lately, research on our lymphatic system is catching up, and the results have been nothing short of wow!

Studies show that when the integrity of the lymphatic system is compromised, the lymph fluids, which are rich in fat and lipids, leak out from the dysfunctional or ruptured lymphatic vessels, leading to inflammation and fat accumulation (and, obviously, weight gain), as well as, also due to free radical damage in the intestinal lymph, to premature ageing.ย 

A new discovery also shows that if lymph vessels that drain the brain and central nervous system are dysfunctional, the risk ofย cognitive issues, mood concerns, as well as autoimmune diseases greatly increases.

And even cancer may actually begin with lymph congestion!

To maintain a state of health, our lymphatic system simply must be functioning well and synchronously.

So what causes lymph congestion?

  1. Lack of Movement
  2. Stress
  3. Dehydration
  4. Chemical exposure (from chemicals in foods, air, skincare products, etc.)
  5. Digestive Issues

How to Activate Your Lymphatic System

Studies have observed that red-pigmented roots and berries are typically powerful lymph movers.ย Manjistha, a red root, isย Ayurvedaโ€˜s first choice for boosting lymphatic support, helping the lymph to drain waste from the body, regulate the immune system and protect against ageing and various diseases.

I also use Sarsaparilla, an amazing herb from the Rainforest.

Also, drink sufficient purified water and/or herbal teas. Breathe deeply. Eat a clean whole-food, plant-based diet. (More on this in Nourished by Nature.) Make your own, toxin-free, all natural skincare products. (Great recipes in K.I.S.S in the Kitchen).

To activate waste removal, far infrared sauna, hydrotherapy and massages are also great, especially lymphatic drainage massage.

I also recommend everybody to walk 10,000 steps a day, briskly, and exercise. Do yoga, bounce on an exercise ball, dry brush your skin.

I also love jumping on a trampoline daily, it’s super effective and fun!

Much Love, Light & Healing,

with Gratitude,

Dr. Isabella


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