The Best EVER Intestinal Cleanse – and how to Flatten Your Tummy in 3 Days

We simply need to poo, pee and sweat well and regularly, and even more so efficiently on a healing protocol, as this is how our body gets rid of unwanted substances.

So whether I am working with somebody suffering with fatigue, IBS, constipation or diarrhoea, ADD, depression, diabetes, fibromyalgia, Lupus, Lyme, Hashimoto’s, cancer, autism, hair loss, abdominal or generalised weight gain, weight loss, or really whatever, I usually start with opening up the elimination channels and detoxification pathways in the body, because before starting any anti-parasitic, antimicrobial, purifying, deeply healing, regenerating protocol, we MUST make sure that these are open. There’s really no use pulling out and binding toxins, or attacking viruses, bacteria, mould, worms and all the other parasites inside us, if we can’t eliminate them, because they would just redistribute and regrow, sometimes even stronger than before.

So where do we begin? Always in the intestines – because that’s where most diseases start, even if you can’t feel it yet. But billions of people are suffering from bloating, reflux, constipation or diarrhoea, and tragically, they try one thing after the other, without finding relief, because all the conventional drugs, supplements and even treatments like colonics are USELESS (or worse), as they do plain NOTHING with all the junk hanging out in the small intestines.

It is really vital that you learn how to clean up your alimentary canal from up to down, all the way, properly, to let you start the timely process of healing your gut.

Unless you poo something like a banana within 30-60 minutes after every single meal, but especially if you feel bloated or constipated, or have the sensation of incomplete bowel movements, reflux, or diarrhoea, you most probably have tons of old, stagnant waste material, intermixed with mucus and all kinds of pathogenic bacteria, viruses, mould, worms and parasites, packed in their biofilm, all along your intestines. Small and large.

Our alimentary canal, an around 10 metre (or around 32 feet) long tube, intertwining, like a river, all across our abdomen, is like a big hose that gets bigger in some places, and smaller in other places.

Although much longer, the small intestine is much smaller in diameter than the colon, and is often literally choke-full with these plaque-y, rope-like growths. Some call this ‘mucoid plaque’, others call it ‘biofilm’, and again others ‘rope worms’.

But whatever name we want to give it, it is slowly destroying our health and blocking the proper absorption of food and the efficient elimination of unwanted substances.

Additionally, it’s full of parasites and serves as a breeding ground for further pathogens. Then, it gets thicker and thicker with time, and causes more and more digestive issues. If you want to be healthy, you simply MUST remove it.

If you have a big belly, but are slim otherwise, this mucoid plaque may be the reason.

Big Belly

I have personally tried and tested various cleanses to remove mucoid plaque, and the only thing that truly works, and very quickly, is a product from Malaysia with oil palm fibre as its main ingredient, called 3 Day Cleanse.

It absorbs, catches and binds with ropes, mucus, candida and other parasites, and makes them all slip out in one big ropey dark mass, quickly and effortlessly removing the biggest chunks of mucus and pathogens, along with their biofilm and toxins from our intestines. It looks like this:

Unlike other substances such as psyllium, which I don’t recommend, because it may cause severe blockages, oil palm fibre slides underneath the plaque, and lets it literally flow out, effortlessly, with nearly ‘normal’-feeling bowel movements, in just 3 days.

The plaque looks like a rubber tube, and you feel such relief when it’s out! There is hardly any discomfort, apart from some bloating, and when the plaque is coming out, you really don’t feel much different than with any normal bowel movement.

Except maybe the shock when you see how BIG it is! In case you want to know, mine was bigger and longer than my arm on my first cleanse, and gradually got smaller and smaller as I repeated the cleanse, monthly for a year. Given the length of our alimentary canal, a few repetitions may be necessary for you as well. After that, given you follow the rules, you won’t need it anymore.

It’s actually shocking how we can even survive, with all that inside us!

The shakes don’t taste great, but you get used to them, it’s just important that you drink them immediately after mixing with water; otherwise they get too thick and clumpy.

Oil palm fibre really does its job perfectly, way better and quicker than anything else available. The normal course of treatment is 3 days, during which you optimally shouldn’t eat, however, you may drink unlimited amounts of fresh juices, water, herbal teas and coconut water.

Should you have a lot of plaque coming out on the morning after having finished your 3 Day Cleanse (so on the fourth day), you may want to extend your cleanse to up to 6 days and repeat it once a month until there is hardly anything coming out anymore. Considering how long our intestines are, this can sometimes take a few months; obviously depending on how much plaque you have built up in your lifetime.

So order at least 2 packs here. You will thank me later 🙂

3 Day Intestinal Cleanse

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Much Love, Light & Healing,
with Gratitude,

Dr. Isabella


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