Are You One of the First Wave of Lightworkers who Came Here to Shine, Raising Earth’s Vibrations?

If you have been feeling for a while now that you have a role in changing the world, chances are you do.

There is a prediction that can be found both in the Book of Revelations and the Emerald Tablets, forecasting something really exciting! It says that there will be an incarnation of 144,000 “Lightworkers”, who will save the Earth from the “forces of darkness” during the end times of the kali yuga.

And the most interesting part about this prediction is that most of these Lightworkers are now here on Earth and in the process of “waking up” to their divine purpose and mission.

Many of them may not yet know or remember who they REALLY are, but according to spiritual teachers and psychics, the cellular memories of the 144,000 were programmed, timed and triggered to “go off” at this time, to awaken them to their true identity, mission and purpose for helping the Earth at this most crucial time in history.

They don’t need to literally “save the planet”, the Earth is fine with or without us. There’s also not going to be an epic fight between darkness and light. At least not here in the physical realm.

But we desperately need saving as a species, because there is something rotten, deep in our collective psyche, and we need to deal with it. The so called “forces of darkness” are simply the projection of the shadows of humanity we need to face deep in ourselves.

Lightworkers are people who help heal these shadows – on many levels – mentally, physically, emotionally and even spiritually.

Their number, 144,000, is just a sacred quantity that, if reached, creates a powerful wave that will wash the whole world from its negative behaviour that’s retarding our true potential of unconditional love.

It’s a wave that cannot be stopped, like when you try to stop fire from spreading. If you distinguish a certain amount of that fire, the rest will simply distinguish by itself.

So are you one of the Lightworkers? You may have started to feel the “call” or “shift” about six to eight years ago. The specific triggers for the shift in your thinking, perspectives, approach, mood, activities or priorities may have been a loss of someone you loved, a divorce or a failed relationship, an illness or physical symptoms, or a strong sense of dissatisfaction in the midst of your accomplishments. Or all of them, one after the other, if you haven’t been listening…

Experiencing such, you may have felt lost, confused, and disconnected from your true purpose and path. You may have been in agony – physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally.

But while this experience may look unfavorable, this period of disconnection had to happen to prepare you for ascension – a special journey, wherein your role is extremely important – as one of the various leaders for the new era that is coming.

The disconnection was meant to help you awaken, as a part of this epoch’s First Wave of Lightworkers, the first group of people, or Angels of Light and Love, who will influence and raise the vibration of the Earth.

The challenges were given to assist you to cleanse and resolve mental issues and karmic attachments, intensify your talents, and connect you with the deepest parts of yourself.

11 Signs You are a Lightworker and Part of the First Wave that will Raise the Earth’s Vibrations:

  1. You have a feeling that you don’t fit in, don’t belong, and are not able to connect with those around you. You love people, but you hate them at the same time. And this is so confusing to you. It’s like you unconditionally love who they are at their core, but you hate all the junk that’s preventing them to shine… like their ego, their addictions, their stupid decisions and negativity.
  2. You feel that you haven’t achieved the success, or the relationship that you have been dreaming of, although you know you have outstanding skills, abilities and intelligence. You have a deep purpose that not a lot of people know about. You might not be sure yourself, but you just know you were meant for something bigger.
  3. Your mood, emotions and energy levels change according to the people or environment around you. You reflect these outside forces more than your own state or condition. You may have panic attacks and anxiety problems.
  4. You tend to inspire others, even if you are unaware of this. You always try to lighten up the mood. If something is tense, you tell a joke; if someone is down, you do your best to cheer them up; if someone is asking for your help, you go out of your way just to help them. Many think you are naive, or even weak, but actually you are just nice… and strong.
  5. Your sleep is disturbed, and you may have vivid dreams, and speak or act out while asleep.
  6. You have periods of intense shedding of relationships, responsibilities or priorities. You may lose all your material possessions (but don’t worry, you will be rewarded later with true abundance, in every area of your life).
  7. You have fleeting moments of awakening or consciousness, and you feel that time moves faster.
  8. You notice synchronicities occurring in your life, prompting you to believe that there are no coincidences or accidents.
  9. You can’t stand injustice. You love animals and if you think about it, you feel deeply for the harm people do to them to satisfy their own needs.
  10. You love to merge dualities into oneness, like science and spirituality, psychology and philosophy, technology and nature.
  11. You have a desire to find true love, your true home, or true spiritual family and community.

While what you have been through may have been really tough, it had to happen to help raise your vibrations, and as such to empower you to help raise the Earth’s frequency, so that our planet may advance and people may evolve. Are you one of us?

The time for awakening is now!

We have reached and entered the 11th hour of the great change that is taking place on Earth. The time has come for the remaining Lightworkers to awaken so we can get to the prophesized number of 144,000!

So wipe the sleeping slumbers of half-life from your eyes, roll up your sleeves and put on your thinking caps, because you have something to offer this world!

While your symptoms may have all be not so easy to handle, once you realised what’s going on, you can actually use them to your advantage, and not only overcome your Lightworker Syndrome, but come out much better, and aligned with your true self.

The following things will help you overcome Lightworker Syndrome and align with your True Self:

  1. You have to be in contact with others who possess high frequencies and vibrations.
  2. You have to understand and accept that your role in this world is figuratively and literally closer to “home.” You may not need to actively save the whole world to actually play part in saving it, just simply shine your light where you are present. That might be what the world needs from you the most.
  3. You have to learn from and break free of all love-less relationships and heal residual mental, physical, spiritual and emotional wounds.
  4. You have to learn to choose foods that are the best for your body (read Nourished by Nature ), how to eliminate and stay away from toxins (read K.I.S.S in the Kitchen ), and which activities and environments could help you the most.
  5. You have to always remind yourself that you can’t save everyone. (The toughest one for me.)
  6. You must practice, develop and intensify your innate or learned skills and talents.
  7. If you are still doubting your intuition and your guidance, you need to spend more time alone, meditate more, and dedicate more time and energy to building your connection with the divine, and strengthening your intuition. Spiritual plant medicine, such as Ayahuasca, San Pedro and Psilocybin Mushrooms, are also of great help.
  8. You must learn to listen to your heart, as it connects to your soul and knows the way… If you are on the wrong path, there will be obstacles, and it will feel off, or even compulsive. If it is right, you will get a lot of synchronicities and guidance. Ask for them.
  9. You have to find the courage to leave your old life (toxic relationships, unsatisfying job, stressful city life) and start the new life that’s meant for you. Because there really is no option, and if you have been been dragging it on too long already, you are just procrastinating and will keep on suffering, because the Universe will make you more and more miserable, until you are finally on the right path – on the one you signed up for. If you want a better future, just find the strength within you, and walk away. Courage comes from being scared and doing it anyway.
  10. You may have to leave certain people behind, but those who are meant to be in your life will eventually catch up.

Once you are on the right path, you will see, the Universe will support you again, and your dreams will start coming true, one by one, and you will realise that life IS perfect.

Deep down you know what you have to do. Just stop following norms and trends. Break free from the society trap. Do what you KNOW you were meant to do. And if you are still not sure what it is, just do what feels good and natural to you.

Do what makes you feel alive! Do what really has meaning for you!

Or simply, live through your heart. Resonate with love! That’s all we really need to heal humanity! Because love is the greatest, most healing force in the world. Nothing goes deeper than pure love. It heals not only the body, not only the heart, but also the soul.

Because LOVE is all there is. Everything else is an illusion.

Martin Luther King, Jr. once said: “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” And so it is.

So spread the love and shine your light bright, you crazy diamonds! I’m with you.


Much Light, Love & Healing to all,

with Gratitude,


This content was inspired by a beautiful article that can be found here.


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