The Trees are Speaking – The Heartbreak and Hope of our Ancient Friends and Guardians

As someone who “talks to trees”, I find it incredibly exciting that there is now scientific research to support what our ancient ancestors always knew – that “trees can speak.” The great work of the scientists involved with organisations such as the Heartmath Institute in California have proven that trees are dynamic, multi-faceted beings, capable of not only communicating with one another, but also of feeling emotion, and helping and healing one another.

Trees are capable of this kind of relationship with us as well, provided we ourselves are open to this fact.

Living immersed in Nature all of my life, I have been blessed with the opportunity to grow up in the “school of Nature.” And I am still learning. I will always be learning. Nature teaches us what we are ready to learn. She is gentle, kind, patient and ever-loving. Sometimes she will practice “tough love”, but it is only when we are not hearing her, and she only uses this as a last resort.

It fills me with great heartbreak to know that trees, acres upon acres of ancient stands of oaks and all other kinds, are being bulldozed for farmland. The sight of these sacred, wise, loving elders being crashed makes me sick.

Trees are our connection between the Universe and our Earth. They pull in light, wisdom and the memory of who we are, and they ground it here for us. They are keepers of ancient knowledge and know the secrets of our Divine lineage. They store it here for us, so that we will not forget.

So suffice to say, the more ancient the tree, the more knowledge and wisdom it holds.

The trees have also shared with me how important it is for them to “ground” these intense cosmic energies into the Earth for us at this time, or else we wouldn’t be able to handle them.

Not only that, ironically, they also attract the moisture that the farmers so desperately need for their crops. They communicate their needs with the Sky, and of course, this benefits us.

There has become a sad disconnect between farmers and the land that they farm. While most do have a genuine love of the land, as I have seen, it seems that the ability to cover so much ground in such large machines is making them take more than their share. It has become out of balance.

We do NOT need to do this to “feed the world.” The truth is, we already grow enough food to feed the world, if the food would only make it to those in need. Not only that, growing massive amounts of GMO crops is not exactly feeding the world quality food.

I thought of all of the beautiful nutrition that was piled up along with those oaks. The saskatoon trees, cranberries, and hazelnut bushes. All of that free food that nature was happy to share with us. Free food with superior nutritional value, more than anything we will ever grow on that land ourselves. But it seems if we didn’t place it there, than it has no value to us.


I understand the cry of the farmer. Land values have soared over the past few years. Cost of production has soared along with it. The profit? It doesn’t match up. And no incentives are given to not clear land. Even though we know the value of trees, there are no tax breaks for keeping them there. Farmers feel that they have to make every available piece of their land grow a crop just to pay for itself. We want massive fields for our massive machines. We hate turning around bluffs of trees. Not that we are in discomfort in these machines. We are in air conditioning, have GPS, radios, and iPhones to keep us company. And yet it should be even more simple, like not having to turn at all. The auto steer on the tractors already makes it so that you don’t have to steer as you drive up and down the field.

I grew up riding my tricycle in the alley way of our barn, exploring winding cow trails through the trees and hazelnut bushes. They were magical. They STILL are magical. But sadly, most farmers are not forming this kind of connection with the land, and it is a shame.

Faceless corporate investors who have likely never stepped foot on this soil take their privileges with our Earth.

And what of the people who are selling? I don’t begrudge people for not wanting to farm. It certainly isn’t for everyone, but can’t we consider who we are selling to? How can you not care? Many people who have sold, had inherited their land from their parents, and it was this land that took care of them, sustained them. Isn’t there any thanks given back to the land?

It’s not just a lifeless thing to fund their lifestyle.

It’s tress that took a lifetime to establish, trees that were there for centuries, all levelled in days. And it’s not that there isn’t still smaller farmers that would purchase this land for more than they can afford and would take much better care of it. We are still here and we are certainly trying. But it seems that this has become a world where money wins, and it is at our own expense.

Can you feel the trees’ upset? I can. I can feel how they miss their family. They are truly connected and bonded to one another. They also let me see their surroundings the way that they do. Once you see the world from the perspective of a tree, you realise just how limited our vision is. You realise the light that exists within everything. Trees can see the “sparkle” that lives within all of us, and in all things. And they can also see how absolutely nothing is “solid.” Trees see the movement, the rhythmic dancing of the molecules that make up our forms. They are wise beyond words. And because they can see the light and the dance that exists within us all, they do not hold hate within themselves. It simply cannot exist within their high vibration.

I’m not saying that we can’t cut down any trees at all, or that there can’t be fields. There are certainly ways to farm while being kind. But more than half of the wildlife population has disappeared since the 1970’s.

I feel my grandparents with me, and I know that they are concerned for what is happening to our Earth. There is a gross imbalance between the Earth and man’s ego and fear-driven domination.

It seems that our massive machines have made us deaf to the voice of nature, the soul of our Earth.

And what are we teaching our children? That trees are worthless? That they were never here?

To be honest, they supply us with the BEST foods, and the MOST EFFICIENT healing substances. But since when does a tree need us to justify its existence? And besides, since when do we need to enjoy an area to make it valuable? Wildlife enjoys that area, needs that area, and those trees are benefitting the world, regardless of whether we know it and are enjoying them or not.

Humans seem to be the only species on this planet that are convinced that you have to need something to be kind to it. If we can’t somehow see why we need it or how it will benefit us, it is of no use. Even when we have scientific proof that we need them, we would still rather see monetary rewards. That somehow nature is worth more to us when it is dead.

We have convinced ourselves that we are progressing, but as a species, we are digressing. When we can no longer listen to the voice of our mother and honour the very land that sustains us, then we have indeed gone backwards. We criticise earlier civilisations, and yet, they were not in danger of destroying their planet or themselves. There was a reverence for the Earth, as she was sacred.

I will forever be grateful to my family that I have had the opportunity and the childhood privilege of freedom to explore nature and connect with the Earth, and I can feel that the Earth is not happy with what’s going on.

Unfortunately, for a farmer to be “certified organic”, and to receive top dollar for your crop, you have to be practicing organic farming methods on your land for 3 years. I have seen conventional farmers deterred by this regulation. I understand that we don’t want our organic food chain to be contaminated, but there needs to be better incentives for farmers to make the switch. They will be making the switch into a realm of farming that they are unfamiliar with, with an unknown of their income for 3 years. They have been using certain techniques, and controlling weeds with chemicals their entire lives. There is a lot of unlearning of the old and learning the new. It is a daunting idea, especially when the bills are steep and the overhead is high. Perhaps there could be better support for these farmers that are determined to transfer their farms over to organic.

But as more and more people “wake up” and support the organic farmers by choosing organic in the grocery stores, the demand will rise, and conventional farmers will follow because that’s where the market will be.

So how do we connect deeper and communicate with Trees?

When I am out walking, I tend to allow myself to just wander and feel “led” to where I need to go. When I do this, I often find that there was an experience or a lesson that I needed to learn.

Trees have the ability to manifest into the form that they choose, and many choose to manifest a face. Perhaps this is why trees have been given the title as “The Standing People.” Just something else to think about…

I often speak to trees. An important element in speaking with trees, at least I have found, is to have an open heart. Simply place your hand on your heart centre, and breathe deeply, imagining your breath flowing in and out of your chest.

This will relax you and harmonise your energy. Then simply notice what enters your awareness.


It is important to step as lightly as you can when you walk through Nature. Show respect and mindfulness of all who reside there, even the mosquito and the poison ivy. They are all part of an intricate system of life.

I have also felt the reverence that trees feel for those who have fallen, and the appreciation that they have for their contribution to the soil that now feeds their roots. They honour one another at every phase of life, and know the importance of playing their role.

Nature always provides powerful lessons that are easy to understand. She knows how to speak to the knowing within our hearts. All we are really doing is remembering, or “waking up.”

They wish to inspire us to grow without the fear of falling. That even though growth can hurt and it isn’t always easy, it is always worth it. That each and every one of us is important and meant to be here, and how critical it is for each of us to accept who we are and grow into who we are meant to be.

This story has become a children’s book, “The Sapling” which will be released late this summer.

It also honours the cycles of life and that there is no death, only transformation, therefore, there is nothing to be afraid of.

The trees have also shared with me how they have noticed how unaware most people are of their energy and of what they are doing with it. Of what they carelessly “put out there” into the Universe and take in as well. From my perspective, it seems that they see our energy pathways like giant branches growing out from our bodies. These pathways are either thick or skinny, depending how much we are “feeding” that pathway with our beliefs, thoughts, emotions, energy and focus.

They said that we are the creators of our reality, and how people are literally creating the world that they live in with the energy pathways that they are feeding. We often “pinch” ourselves off from communication or other profound experiences simply because we haven’t strengthened that pathway with the belief that we can do it.

Thank you so much for reading, and to all of you who have “heard the call”, or are just remembering that you have heard it. Nature is speaking to you, do not doubt yourself.

We are the ones we have been waiting for. We chose to be here. We are powerful creators creating a peaceful, radiant Earth, or else we wouldn’t have come.


This content was inspired by an article that can be found here.


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