The Ugly Truth about GMO Food

The widespread use of GMOs is now being called “The Biggest Environmental Disaster in the History of Mankind.” This is because GMOs damage both our bodies and our environment in very profound ways.

Our bodies were designed to consume whole foods (and whole plants) from the earth, not foods that have been genetically modified. Because of this, GMOs can cause inflammation in our bodies and wreak havoc on our immune systems.

New evidence suggests GMOs may also be linked to disease.

And yet there is still a large number of people in the mainstream who still insist GMOs are “perfectly safe.” But you will learn the truths when you watch this free new 9-part documentary series called GMOs Revealed.

This series has been created to bring you up-to-date on how genetically manipulated foods are affecting your health and the environment. You will be shocked at how widespread these products have become, and how much damage they are causing.

GMOs Revealed features leading doctors, agriculture experts, scientists, environmentalists, and political activists.

They will help you understand how GMOs are making you sick, how they are destroying the soil we depend on for food, and how they are creating a health and environmental disaster that could have repercussions for generations to come.

GMOs Revealed 9-part documentary series is free to watch and it starts next Tuesday, August 22nd.

I’ve already signed up and I’ll be watching ride along side you to learn everything we can. The more informed we are, the more empowered we are.


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