Natural Beauty – Smooth, Supple, Tight, Youthfully Glowing Skin Comes from the Inside!

You have more control over your facial ageing than anyone allowed you to believe. And the biggest beauty (non-)secret is that beautiful skin actually comes from true health!

Wrinkles, sagging and all other signs of ageing are actually NOT due to ageing itself.

In all truth, AGEING IS A DISEASE; and its signs are mainly due to an accumulation of acids, toxins and pathogens, along with nutritional deficiencies in the body. They immensely weaken our metabolic pathways, greatly accelerate tissue breakdown and slow down regeneration.

With an ever-increasing toxic and pathogenic load, and vital nutrients and electricity missing, our body, actually a wonder machine, designed to constantly repair itself, never-endingly, as long as we are alive, can at one point no longer compensate for all the harm and neglect it suffers from and loses its power to repair itself. This is how diseases happen.

It is also your internal, whole body health condition that defines the quality and quantity of your collagen and elastin fibres, far more than your age!

When healthy and ample, collagen gives us a juicy baby face, while elastin makes our skin tight and elastic, and prevents sagging and drooping. Both also surrounded by a jelly-like fluid composed of hyaluronic acid glycosaminoglycans, our skin is youthful, fresh and full.

But as you surely know, our skin, just like all other tissues, is subject to “wear and tear”. Cells get damaged, broken down, and must be built up again.

Signs of ageing appear when, for whatever reason, our body cannot keep up with the necessary regeneration process, and more cells get damaged and broken down than built up.

So our first and best defence against ageing skin is reducing the breakdown of our collagen and elastin fibres​.

The breakdown of our “beauty-fibres”, and thus wrinkling and sagging, are dramatically accelerated by emotional, mental or physical stress, lack of sleep, a high pathogenic load, toxins (from pathogens, foods, water, air, toiletries, creams, lotions, cosmetics, drugs, etc.), extensive sun exposure, nutritional debt, hormonal imbalance, dehydration, lack of oxygen, etc.

If you want to look great and be youthful, fit and healthy, independent of your age, you absolutely must stay away from all the toxins, acids and pathogens in your water, air, and everything you put on your skin and into your mouth.

Stay away from processed foods and animal foods, and infuse your tissues with the thousands of phytonutrients abundantly available, in their natural, bioavailable form, in plants.

Eating a healthy, energy-dense, whole-food diet, filled with lots of plant-based carbs, quality proteins, fats, enzymes, minerals, vitamins and other phytochemicals, we are getting all our body’s macro- and micronutrient demands met and staying clear of toxins. Real food’s magic is based upon thousands of complex interactions of hundreds of different phytochemicals, which are impossible to recreate in manufactured products, or even in supplements for that matter.

For optimal micronutrient supply, our food must be mainly fresh, organic, nature-made plant foods in season, including fruits, vegetables, whole unprocessed grains and legumes, raw or simply prepared, along with nuts, seeds, herbs and spices.

Chill a little more too! Stress increases Cortisol production, our ‘Wear and Tear Hormone‘, and seriously damages our “beauty-fibres”, uns thus our skin, apart from decalcifying our bones, elevating our blood sugar​, and giving rise to​ an inflammatory state​, the basis of virtually every disease process, such as cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease, and, you guessed it… an ​accelerated​ aging process​, along with wrinkled skin​.

Get enough sleep! Lack of sleep also makes us wrinkled by elevating Cortisol, as well as diminished Melatonin and hGH production, as well as many other factors.

Stop smoking! By smoking even one cigarette, we create trillions of free radicals, which attack our cells and produce a tremendous inflammatory response. In addition, cigarette smoke causes blood vessels to constrict, especially in the skin, resulting in a lack of oxygen and nutrients, which accelerates skin aging, all apart from increasing chances of lung cancer and heart disease. Nicotine itself is not harmful, it is simply a stimulant, just like caffeine is, so to help you quit, you may use nicotine patches or electronic cigarettes instead.

We need sunshine for various reasons. The sun, a dynamic source of life-sustaining energy, is truly one of the most powerful healing therapies in the world. It helps to heal skin disorders such as psoriasis, acne, eczema and fungal infections, lower cholesterol and blood pressure, cleanse the blood, increase oxygen content and build a strong the immune system, to treat depression, and even to fight cancer. All for free, which is probably why nobody is promoting it! But, obviously, never overdo it, and don’t let your skin get burned.

Stay away from commercial sunscreens, they are not only toxic, but actually counterproductive to their purpose, inhibiting the innate intelligence of our skin cells. Basically, for a sun protection lotion to be effective, it should block cancer-causing UVAs while allowing healing UVBs to interact with the skin. Ironically, sunscreens create the opposite effect of what they are designed for. They block UVBs and allow harmful UVAs to penetrate deeper into the skin. Apart from creating a false sense of safety, sunscreen ingredients are well known to cause hormone disruption, degenerative changes in skin cells, DNA damage, free radical production, a compromised immune system and increased risk of melanoma. This is the case especially with chemical sunscreens, as they permeate the skin. But even mineral filters such as zinc oxide and titanium dioxide have been found to undergo a chemical reaction that releases free radicals and damages surrounding cells. Additionally, mineral filters can release carcinogenic nanoparticles.

The best sunscreen is a whole-food, plant-based diet rich in phytochemicals, and, topically, carrot seed oil mixed with coconut oil, which, easily absorbed, assists the skin to build and strengthen its own natural UV defense and healing mechanisms. It does not deter beneficial UV rays from entering the skin, it protects against DNA damage, protecting our skin and cell membranes at the cellular level. If you’re staying in the sun longer, you can also add some non-nano zinc powder on top, or wear a hat, or some clothing.

Hydration is also essential and we must drink ​at least ​one litre of pure water every morning, and then a glass every waking hour, optimally ozonated and filtered, mineralised and energised.

Breathe deeply! Spend time in nature, grounding whenever possible.

Stimulation of cell regeneration in aging skin is also absolutely realistic and can substantially improve the appearance of wrinkles and sagging.

My favourite beauty “supplement” is MSM (organic sulphur) ​at a daily dose of 2-3 teaspoons, mixed in a glass of water with the juice of a lime, for cellular regeneration.

And definitely Sangre de Drago, topically!

Pycnogenol, a plant extract from the French Maritime pine tree, is another skin superstar. Oral supplementation (75 to 125 mg/day) protects vital skin proteins from degradation, while increasing their natural production. It also acts as an internal sunscreen.

These three are often enough, however, as fibroblast function, collagen- and elastin production, as well as cell repair are a complex process, additional nutrients may be required, such as:

L-Lysine supplements, around 2 grams daily (or even better, Lysine from legumes), are essential for collagen synthesis.

Vitamin C is essential for the conversion of Lysine into metabolites that can be incorporated into the collagen strand, and thus for efficient collagen synthesis. Camu camu is a great source.

Silicium, a trace mineral, is essential for maintaining skin health due to its interaction with the formation of collagen and glycosaminoglycans (GAGs), which are structural building blocks of connective tissues. One well-known GAG important for skin health is hyaluronic acid, which has been shown to promote skin cell proliferation and increase the presence of retinoic acid, improving the skin’s hydration. Silicium is best used topically.

Among ​the ​vitamins, B3, D3 and K2 are the most relevant for skin health and ​should​ be maintained at optimal levels.

Coenzyme Q10, along with its active ingredient Ubiquinol, is naturally produced in the human body and found in every cell and tissue, and involved ​in ​a number of biological functions, including helping to produce energy, neutralising free radicals and keeping cells in the skin, and in the whole body, healthy. If, due to certain factors, such as an increasing toxic load or stress, lower levels of CoQ10 are available, the cells’ ability to regenerate and withstand stress declines, and less collagen and elastin is produced.

MMP inhibitors, such as Resveratrol, Alpha Lipoic Acid, white and green tea, help inhibit collagen breakdown to reverse or reduce the loss of skin matrix by inhibiting or reducing the levels of MMP enzymes (matrix metalloproteinases). This may especially benefit older individuals since research indicates that MMP levels rise excessively with age, and by returning MMP levels to normal youthful levels, we facilitate the removal of damaged matrix and the preservation of healthy cells.

Hormonal balance is also absolutely crucial for a healthy body and healthy skin.

Ageing of the skin clearly accelerates with declining hormone levels, because skin cells, just like most other cells in the body, are responsive to a variety of external signals, transmitted by growth factors and hormones to switch skin cells into a more effective regeneration mode and a higher turnover rate.

Replacing missing Estrogens, Progesterone, Testosterone, DHEA, hGH and Thyroid hormones is, however, a complex decision, and requires lab result analysis and medical history, and a physician, who has the knowledge to expertly balance hormones, using bioidentical preparations.

In women, topical estrogens show great effects. I usually prescribe a cream with around 2.5mg of 70/30% Estriol (E3) to Estradiol (E2) in my menopausal patients, and pure Estriol for my younger patients who are deficient, throughout days 1-20 of their cycle.

Deficient women can benefit from topical E3 or E2/E3 with amazing skin improvements, such as:
Greater epidermal and dermal thickness due to increased collagen production
Better structure and order to the elastin fibre matrix
Greater vascularization (meaning more blood vessels, and thus better oxygen and nutrient delivery to the skin)
Higher levels of hyaluronic acid (primary substance in expensive fillers) and mucopolysaccharides, which all result in increased dermal hydration
Inhibition of excessive sebum (skin oil) production, thus better control of acne
Diminished facial hair in both texture, color and quantity
Repair of sun damage and sun spots
Protection from free radical damage (through antioxidant action), and ultimately
Smoother skin as wrinkles become filled in with healthy skin.
Skin gets so much more healthy, not just in appearance. All these promising local effects after only topical use suggest that Estriol should gain importance in dermatology in the future, although the fear factor still has to be overcome for some, with knowledge.

Testosterone cream on the face of deficient men also provides great effects. Topical Testosterone is actually known to promote collagen production, even more effectively than estrogens do, and the rejuvenating effects on ageing male skin are unmistakable, and begin to happen enviably fast.

Other hormones have also been shown to improve skin health and quality, such as Thyroid, Progesterone, Pregnenolone and DHEA.

Always remember that our skin is a reflection of our internal health. Therefore, if our skin improves, all other vital organs also improve, and this decreases our risk of every single disease.

See?! True beauty comes from the inside out!

However, make sure you show the world your best epidermis! Our top skin layer is made up of a protein called keratin, which is made of dead skin cells that protect our skin from the sun, infection and injury. If not sloughed off, they begin to form layers, and your skin will look dull.

Regular exfoliation, removing dead skin cells, unblocks pores, stimulates new cell turnover and helps new skin cells rise to the surface faster.

Natural exfoliators can be anything with a physical abrasive action, such as a Luffa, sugar crystals, coffee grounds, sea salt, oatmeal, or baking soda mixed with water. You may also mix them with other natural skin healers, such as honey, essential oils or lemon juice. Try different combinations of ingredients, until you find your favourite.

Chemical peelings with AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) and other glycolic (and other) acids are also extremely useful to remove dull skin on the surface.

Peelings and exfoliations can then be followed by creams and lotions with topical skin regenerators, such as Sangre de Drago, different kinds of essential oils, vitamin C ester, Alpha-Lipoic Acid, Lanolin, Silicium​ or CoQ10 from topical solutions can penetrate deeply to provide antioxidants and help create collagen and elastin.

DMAE (Dimethylaminoethanol) also works great topically, as it helps increase muscle tone and correct the loss of skin elasticity,​ and prevents and reverses sagging​ and fine lines​.

Copper peptides are also essential for the production of collagen and elastin fibres, and topical preparations ​with ​Copper peptides show not only improved skin health, but also better wound healing and hair growth.​

Telomere Stabilizers, such as Teprenone, are further great topical ingredients (from cutting-edge DNA technology) to delay skin ageing by helping to maintain telomere length. Telomeres seal the ends of our chromosomes like the little plastic caps at the tips of our shoelaces, and protect our chromosomes, and thus our cells and genetic code. They ensure that cells don’t lose the ends of their chromosomes, and can maintain the information they contain. Shortening every time a cell divides, once very short, they trigger cell crisis and cell death, being ultimately timekeepers of cell repair and cell death. They play a vital role in cell life and ageing, and maintaining their length clearly elongates cells’ lifespan.

Coconut oil helps maintain the skin’s youthful moisture and barrier function, and along with Teprenone, it has been demonstrated to extend skin cells’ lifespan and correct the visible signs of aging by promoting the skin’s natural protection and repair factors at the cellular level.​

H​yaluronic acid​, found in virtually every tissue of our body, and a key component of connective and epithelial tissue, can attract 1,000 times its own weight in water, unmatched by any other substance in nature, which makes it crucial for maintaining the skin’s barrier function, as well as its moisture and softness. It is abundant in younger skin, however, the damage caused by free radicals over time drastically depletes the skin’s reserves. Topical application has a volumizing, ​’​plumping​’​ effect on the skin’s extracellular matrix, which increases cell renewal and helps restore a healthy texture, colour and moisture to ageing skin, adding fullness and minimising the appearance of wrinkles.

Squalane is another vital nutrient for skin health​, that​ accounts for ​more than​ 1​0​% of the total fat content of the skin’s sebum. The best squalane for dermatological use is obtained from natural olive oil and resembles vitamin A in its chemical structure. A natural emollient, squalane is quickly absorbed into the skin, leaving it soft and supple, without any oily residue, and stimulates the skin’s natural ability in youth to regenerate, nourish and hydrate tissue. It also discourages the growth of harmful microorganisms by forming a protective antibacterial coating on ​the​ skin.

​So yes, it is possible to ​enhance cell function, improve skin tissue quality and extend the youthful lifespan of your skin.

Most importantly, however, obey the basic laws of life and reduce your toxic, pathogenic load! I’m here to help.

The firmness and smoothness, elasticity and glow of our skin, on our face, and all over our body, is just one of the signs of how healthy we are on the inside.

Warm wishes to Your True Health, from the inside,
Dr. Isabella


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