Eat, Heal, Thrive – The Best Diet for Humanity!

Your food is not just calories; it is information. It talks to your DNA and tells it what to do.

If it is a long, joyful, healthy life in an incredible body you want, the foods you eat absolutely MUST be clean, whole, natural foods that fuel, nourish, energise and satisfy your body, without adding to your acidity and toxicity levels.

Optimally they’re delicious too. And these foods exist. They are PLANTS…

No, not just salad leaves, but mangos, watermelon, papaya, bananas, cherries, berries, peaches, pomegranates, coconuts, lentils, chickpeas, rice, millet, barley, rye, spelt, (sweet) potatoes, mushrooms, onions, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, asparagus, salads, honey, almonds, pecans, seeds…

Just make sure they’re made by nature, and indulge in them – raw or turned into delicious comfort foods, such as stews, lasagne, bread, hummus, pizza and pies – no restrictions!

Because in plants, all is as it should be in creation; all things are in perfection, organically proportional and appropriate according to nature’s design.

Plants are our only foods with genetic integrity and a complete molecular structure, providing life force, alkalinity and the most perfect nutrients and healing substances, which our bodies need to heal and thrive.

They’re not only high nutritional profile, but also such delicious, juicy foods, with so much more aroma than a steak, fish or eggs! At least, definitely for me. And my body loves them too, and as a reward, it’s keeping me fit, healthy, slim and lean, although I eat a LOT.

Shockingly, I even eat wheat! And no, I don’t have a “wheat belly”. Actually, I have a really flat stomach with a really nice hint of a six-pack, which girls half my age are often desirous of. And I also don’t have a “grain brain”; instead I have really great cognitive functioning, because my brain cells are getting all the natural sugar they are thriving on!

Obviously, I eat organic as much as I can, and especially grains – because in truth, it is the genetic modification of grains and their contamination with pesticides that has managed to turn one of our healthiest foods into toxic food and causes problems for so many people – and not the gluten, or anything else.

Similarly, the bloating and digestive issues after eating grains, high carb fruits or legumes that many complain of are also not due to their high ‘carb’ content, but to the pathogens in their gut, which are fermenting the sugar. So don’t blame the ‘carbs’, blame the pathogens! We simply must get rid of them, for many reasons, and this is one.

It is so frustrating to see the aggressive influence of the meat, dairy and fish industry’s propaganda and all the misinformation in the media, scaring people away from our healthiest foods and manipulating them into eating toxic foods that are slowly destroying their health.

People get so misguided from all the pseudoscience of online health ‘experts’, who did a weekend course on nutrition and call themselves now a ‘nutritionist’ and blindly copy-paste each other’s misinformed claims on social media, spreading them to millions of people, without ever looking into the research and long-term effects.

Tragically, this has resulted in a downright dangerous protein obsession and a totally unjustified carb phobia in our society.

Even the more health-conscious people are making themselves sick by stuffing themselves with ‘protein’ in every meal, while avoiding our most important, vital food group, carbohydrates.

On top of this, they’re draining their salads in supposedly ‘good fats’, such as olive oil; and some even taking coconut oil by the spoon, thinking it’s good for them.

Obviously, if you repeat a lie often enough, at one point it gets accepted as a truth by the majority – and the meat and dairy industries continue to generate tons of profit with these universally accepted misconceptions. Even most ‘nutritionists’ and doctors believe that a healthy diet is one loaded with protein and ‘good fats’.

They want you to stay away from ‘carbs’ and eat a diet full of chicken, salmon, grass-fed beef, olive oil and coconut oil. Eat lots of protein and ‘good fats’ people, and minimise the carbs – this is, more or less, the advice of 95% of diet books and most health ‘experts’.

Obviously, these ‘experts’ have never had any lessons or forgot what they learned in biochemistry, have never checked the numerous studies, investigated the ‘Centenarians’, visited the ‘Blue Zones’, heard of the ‘Hunza Secrets’ or of the numerous plant-based, high-carb world-class athletes.

If they did, they would know that CARBS are our body’s best, purest burning fuel, supplying our cells and tissues with the energy they need, without leaving any waste.


They would realise that, over the years, EXCESS PROTEIN and FREE OILS DAMAGE our health and result in premature ageing, a lower life expectancy, obesity, osteoporosis, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, autoimmune diseases and cancer, just to name a few of the most common side effects.

They would finally see high-protein and high fat diets, including Atkins, Dukan, Paleo and Ketogenic, as the untrue, uncivilised, unhealthy and dangerous, band-aiding misconceptions that they are. And the Blood Group diet as plain stupid. We, humans, all have the same digestive physiology, and we all need exactly the same macro- and micronutrients.

They would realise that it’s NOT carbs that make us fat, but the fat we eat, along with toxins and acidic waste; and that we actually not only lose weight, but truly thrive on a high-carb, low-protein, low-fat, electric, plant-based diet – gradually and long term.

They would feel happy and satisfied, eating ridiculously delicious foods they already love!

And they would notice that we thrive on whole-food carbs, based on the thousands of complex interactions of dozens of different phytochemicals in these high nutritional value, macronutrient and micronutrient dense, filling comfort foods – perfectly designed by nature to feed and nourish us.

But sadly, so many people believe the myths and are slowly poisoned by animal protein. They don’t question, don’t interrogate, they don’t listen to their body.

If they did, they would know that too much protein, particularly animal protein, is a real health threat. They would realise that foods from plant sources provide us with the perfect quality protein, in just the right amount, for all human requirements.

Knowing that meat, dairy and eggs are full of health-destroying acids and toxins, they would ask why Mother Nature would design human nutritional requirements in a way that we must poison ourselves in order to obtain essential nutrients? She really doesn’t!

They would know that all twenty amino acids, including the ten essential ones needed for good health are abundant in plants, and that in real life, there is no such thing as protein deficiency.

Plants have sufficient protein to grow gorillas, giraffes, elephants and cows, so, obviously, they also have enough to grow us, relatively small creatures as well.

Excess protein actually causes a lot of health issues! Did you know that all the weird growths in and on our body, such as skin tags and all kinds of tumours are actually made up of excess protein that our body could not deal with at the moment of inflow? If this excess protein cannot be used or eliminated, our body has no other choice than to simply deposit it wherever it can, before it could do even more harm.

These growths simply fall off or vanish on a water fast (as you will find out later), and never come back if you’re on a whole-food plant-based diet. Because now you’re getting exactly the amount of protein you need – not too much and not too little.

If people would only look into the research!! Or even just try it for a month!

They would finally see and feel the truly magical transformations happening in their body. All without ever feeling restricted – because they would be eating ridiculously delicious foods, as much as they want.

So, what should we eat?

Whether it is to stay healthy and fit, or to help our body heal from heart disease, gastrointestinal issues, cancer, obesity, diabetes, hypothyroidism, Alzheimer’s, or whatever, we all need to eat a diet high in natural, complex carbohydrates and low in protein and fats – in other words a whole-food, plant-based (WFPB) diet, from the six following groups:

Whole grains (with the germ intact)

No processed foods. Their processing chemicals, fake sugars, MSG, artificial ‘flavours,’ pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, genetically modified organisms, sometimes even formaldehyde – a chemical used to process the dead in a morgue – cause immense harm in our body.

No animal products, including dairy, eggs and fish. Besides being way too high in protein and the metabolically most acidic foods we can eat, animal products contain the highest levels of hormones, antibiotics and toxic pollutants found in the food chain, including pesticides, chemical fertilisers and waste from genetically modified food products used to feed them.

They contain dead bacterial endotoxins, various carcinogenic compounds and a mass of pathogenic microbes. Don’t believe the protein deficiency myth! In real life, it doesn’t exist!

Fish, including ‘organic fish’, is probably the worst of all animal foods, being loaded with parasites, radioactive poison, mercury and many other industrial pollutants, along with all the prescription drugs that end up in our waters.

Do you really want to put all that into your body? Of course, your body can handle it once in a while, but don’t do it because you think it’s good for you! It really is bad.

Also, avoid all free oils. Every oil is a refined product, just like sugar is – yes, even extra, extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil – and toxic to our system. All oils are basically liquid fat, which clog our cells and blood vessels just like they clog our sink drains. They are a gateway to diabetes, cardiovascular disease, acne and weight gain; they slow down circulation, injure the inner lining of our arteries and contribute to inflammation and free radical formation.

The little bit of fat you need should be eaten within the whole plant it is naturally occurring in, such as avocados, coconuts, nuts and seeds.

Because whole plants are our only foods with genetic integrity and a complete molecular structure, providing the electricity, alkalinity and the most perfect macronutrients, micronutrients and other healing substances, in perfect synergy, which our body needs to heal and thrive.

An oil-free whole-food, plant-based (WFPB) diet infuses all of the processes involved in our biochemistry with nutrients, instead of overloading our body with toxins – and is vital in order to ensure cellular regeneration and high performance of all our organs, empowering us to live a long, happy, healthy life.

At the same time, it is also an ‘alkaline’ diet and improves our intracellular pH over time, and is our best defence against continuous inflammation in our body, and thus against ageing and disease. Furthermore, it is our body’s best protection in preventing harmful germs and toxins from digging their way into our tissues.

Really, don’t believe the myth that ‘sugar’ and grains are bad for us. Obviously, table sugar and genetically modified, processed white flour, full of pesticides are really bad, as everything refined and unnatural, BUT organic whole grains and high-sugar fruits actually belong to the healthiest foods we can eat.

So, eat every day from our six plant-based food groups, making sure that you include them all to cover all your micronutrient needs. They are all energising and full of phytonutrients, which play an essential role in our vitality, longevity and looks, as well as our internal, and even our sexual and reproductive health.

Eat basically as much as you want. Be persistent, and you will soon see and feel amazing things happening in your body. All without ever feeling restricted. This is an absolutely free, joyful way of eating. That’s why I like to call it “intelligent indulgence”.

Eat most of your food raw and fresh, so it still contains LIFE FORCE, and have lots of mangos, papayas, watermelon, cucumbers and cherry tomatoes. Really the more, the better.

Our six plant-based food groups also make great-tasting, healthy comfort foods for cooked meals, and once you get over your protein addiction and learn how to prepare them (oil-free!), you will love your new lifestyle!

Your food needs to be pristine and natural as much as possible, containing no chemical additives; and finding those may be a challenge in our insane society.

If you have a garden, plant your own plants! You can spray your trees with a mixture of water and ashes, which protects the trees without poisoning the fruit.

Otherwise, buy local, organic produce, fresh in season, whenever you can, as these contain far more phytonutrients, minus the toxins, justifying the price difference.

Clean all your foods with an ozonator (more on this in 100% HEALTH) to remove parasites, as well as to neutralise toxins from pesticides, which, to a certain degree, are sadly also allowed on organic foods.

Alternatively, you can also soak your fresh foods in a mixture of water and vinegar (or grapefruit seed extract) to remove pathogens and toxins. Legumes and nuts should be soaked overnight to remove toxins. Nuts can then be dehydrated or roasted in a dehydrator, or in the oven at a temperature between 100-140C, although they also taste great still wet, just out of ozonated water. I love soaked almonds.

Use lots of organic herbs and spices, such as ginger, cinnamon, cocoa, turmeric, chilli, basil, coriander, parsley, rosemary and thyme, which all have powerful healing effects, such as anti-inflammatory, anti-diabetic and so on. Limit your salt intake, even if it’s ‘Himalayan’.

There is a lot more information on all this in my book Intelligent Indulgence, including hundreds of studies and success stories proving the benefits of an oil-free WFPB diet, a whole chapter on Vitamin B12, on intermittent fasting, on salt, on the mistakes that unhealthy vegans make, and many, many other things. If you’re new to this, you should definitely read it too.

Learn to cook from scratch, using organic ingredients. In my cookbook Return to Eden, you will find easy recipes for delicious, healthy, oil-free, WFPB comfort foods. You will also find many online.

Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food! Really use food as nourishment, and eat primarily for the establishment and maintenance of health, rather than just for pleasure. But it will be a real pleasure, I promise.

Also, do not believe the myth that you need many small meals throughout the day!

Digestion is hard work for our body and takes up most of our body’s vital energy, leaving it unable to do its other jobs well, therefore I whole-heartedly recommend intermittent fasting (IF).

IF allows our body to eliminate, assimilate and regenerate before we feed it again.

Practicing IF, we fast/feast/fast, simply meaning that we cut down our eating window to only 8, or even less hours per day; optimally from when the sun is the highest in the sky until it sets, or let’s say between 12 noon to 8pm. In our eating window, we eat as much as we want, however the rest of the day we fast. In your fasting window, you should only drink water, herbal tea and if you like, organic black coffee with added alkaline drops. Apart from holidays or invitations, I usually only eat between 5-9pm, really feasting for these 4 hours, and then I fast in the other 20 hours of the day.

Since you can eat as much as you want in your feeding window, you don’t ever feel hungry. I love IF and recommend it to everybody because it’s easy enough that they’ll actually do it, but powerful enough to make a difference.

This is because in our fasting period, we give our body the time it needs to perform its other jobs perfectly. It can focus on nutrient assimilation, cleansing, cellular recycling, repairing and regenerating mechanisms.

On top of that, it saves so much time not having to prepare food and sit down to eat three times a day. Go for a walk instead!

Combine IF with an oil-free whole-food, plant-based (WFPB) diet, and you will soon feel and see the difference!

Treat your body well, and it will do the rest. It is a power machine and the most intelligent system in the world. Learn to appreciate it. Let it do its job. Nourish it.

The science behind the benefits of a plant-based diet keeps expanding and supports a whole-food, plant-based diet as the best diet for humans. The evidence is so strong!

Plants’ nutritional profile, where every single compound plays a role, is energy; it is information; and when we ingest them, they give our body the instructions they hold. Choose plants!

Every time we go to the supermarket, we make a choice between life and death. Is our food made by nature, vibrant and full of colour, or is it dead? Does it energise our body or weigh it down? It’s so common sense. Fuel yourself with beautiful, colourful, natural plant foods, not toxic flesh of an animal that begged for its life before slaughter.

And all the while, you are actually eating all the incredible comfort foods you already love. And yes, it’s VEGAN (except the honey, and you may even wish to replace that with organic maple syrup).

I just didn’t want to say the V word because of the stigma attached to it. Simply due to collective brainwashing, all for profit. But people are slowly waking up. Will you?

Big Love,
Dr. Isabella


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