Clean, Targeted, Wholefood Supplementation vs. Toxic, Synthetic, GMO Supplements

Supplements are currently the darling of conventional and alternative medicine alike. They are flying off the shelves of health food stores, and are even prominently featured on supplement displays in many doctors’ offices.

However, 95% of supplements on the market are USELESS. And even worse, they may actually harm us.

Most of them contain synthetic vitamins and minerals, which our tissues simply cannot recognise and absorb. On top of this, they are mostly genetically modified and full of toxins, including all kinds of fillers, solvents, artificial colouring, and even all kinds of microorganisms, including mould.

Furthermore, many vitamins and minerals can actually turn toxic if they reach too high levels in the blood, and too much of a nutrient is draining on our vital energy, as our body may have to expel a nutrient overload.
And don’t even let me get me started on rancid fatty acids!

So, if you’re wondering why you’re not getting better despite all the fancy (expensive) supplements you’re taking, which all promise amazing energy, great digestion, strong, shiny hair, weight loss, or whatever, this is one of the reasons why.

Don’t take supplements blindly, falling for their marketing taglines or for your friends’ anecdotal stories. They are mostly not the “magic” pill they are claimed to be.

In all truth, synthetic supplements may cause more harm than good, especially synthetic Vitamin A (linked to birth defects) and synthetic Vitamin E (linked to cancer and DNA damage), and probably you’re better off just throwing them away.

We, humans, were designed to get our nutrients along with their co-nutrients from real, whole foods.

While at least 200 solid studies prove that natural plant foods have incredible health benefits, most multivitamin supplements, being in synthetic form, have only a smattering of evidence.

When these highly complex substances are disturbed, and elements are taken out of their perfect harmony and synergy, as designed by Nature, their overall effectiveness is greatly reduced.

A varied and balanced whole-food, plant-based diet is simply the BEST way to cover most nutritional gaps, while exposing us to as small an amount of toxins as possible, and it is the most likely to supply our body with the nutrients it needs, in the right, bioavailable form, as well as come along with the co-nutrients needed for proper absorption and assimilation.

Real food’s magic is based upon thousands of complex interactions of dozens of different phytochemicals, which are impossible to recreate in manufactured ‘supplements’.

It is so sad to see millions of people eating acidic, toxic, dead foods day in, day out, and trying to make up for all the damage they’re doing to their system by taking synthetic, GMO multivitamins and then wondering why they’re still feeling sick and tired.

No wonder their supplements are not helping them…

We need all our key elements in their natural form!

The best way to get our Vitamin D is from the sun, including eating sun-exposed mushrooms. The best way to get our Iodine is from cranberries and organic strawberries. The best way to get our Iron is from leafy greens, beans, lentils, mushrooms and raisins. The best way to get our Potassium is from potatoes, avocados, bananas, spinach and dates. The best way to get our Magnesium is from dark leafy greens, nuts, seeds, beans, whole grains, avocados, bananas, dried fruit and dark chocolate. The best way to get our Lysine and all other amino acids is from lentils, chickpeas and beans; and the best way to get some live enzymes is from fresh mangos and papaya, etc.

All the ‘supplements’ I generally recommend are actually not even ‘supplements’ at all. They are FOODS made by Nature, and all available in their purest form online.

This includes MSM, Red Reishi, Chaga and other Medicinal Mushrooms, Cat’s Claw, Sarsaparilla and any the other Rainforest Medicinal Plants you may need additionally, according to your health issues, such as Graviola, Sangre de Drago, Pau d’Arco, Camu Camu, etc.

What gives these such powerful healing effects is their nature-made nutritional perfection.

Vitamins and minerals work much better symbiotically than in isolation, so whenever supplementing and possible, stick to true whole-food supplements, such as organic Camu Camu powder for Vitamin C, apricot kernel seeds for B17, organic super greens powder for minerals, etc.

Whenever available, choose pure powders or liquid extracts. Don’t take ‘plastic’ pills.

That being said, we, modern humans, no longer live in our native habitat – the environment that we evolved in. Our soils are often depleted, and the plants growing there may not be as nutrient-rich as they should and used to be. We also often don’t have access to fresh, nature-made, sun-ripened produce, and deficiencies can occur even on a varied, balanced, healthy diet.

Our body, truly a wondrous power machine, smart as it is, may compensate for deficiencies for sometimes a long, long time, so even if we don’t feel it yet, our organs may already be suffering from a lack of essential elements.

So really, the only way to know is to test, and I persistently recommend everybody starting their healing journey to perform a nutritional profile test.

I often find deficiencies in B12, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Iron, Iodine, Chromium, Magnesium, Potassium, Silicium, Sulphur, Lithium, all with their own set of risks. In these cases, supplementation is necessary and accommodates our unnatural modern life.

However, we MUST make sure that we are replacing nutrients in their natural, ionic, bioavailable form, which is required for absorption into our tissues, with non-GMO, organic, vegan, raw, whole-food supplements, and you will read much more about them in 100% HEALTH!

But you will see, as you follow the 100% HEALTH protocol, obeying the basic laws of life, and eliminate your toxic, pathogenic soup, there will be less and less need for all these extra ‘supplements’.

And at one point, you will suddenly see that the healing program you’re on is working! Pretty well actually 🙂

That’s our goal! Not running after our deficiencies and imbalances, but truly, properly curing. Read 100% HEALTH to find out how! You really owe it to yourself.

Much Love,
Dr. Isabella

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