Have you been doctor-shopping, diet-shopping, supplement-shopping, yet are still not better?

Mastering the Alchemy of the greatest remedies and healing techniques of Functional, Holistic, Preventive, Naturopathic, Nutritional, Longevity, Energy, Anti-Aging & Regenerative Medicine, we TEACH, GUIDE & MENTOR you through the most comprehensive, all-natural, clinically proven and genuine, PURIFYING, REGENERATING & REVITALISING, deep healing program EVER.

Our Books, Academy Program, 1:1 Online Consultations, or the 99 Day Package with Dr. Isabella will take you, step by step, all the way to true health & bliss. Whatever your health challenge.

Just decide to GET WELL & FEEL 100% ALIVE AGAIN.


Feeling sick? Tired? Old? Fat? Wrinkled? Bloated? Achy? Low? Sleepless? Sad?

Or suffering from Weight Gain, Hair Loss, Infertility, Eczema, Allergies, Migraines, IBS, PCOS, Leaky Gut, Diverticulitis, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Insomnia, GERD, ADD, MS, Heart Disease, Diabetes, Anxiety, Depression, Brain Fog, Alzheimer’s, Hashimoto’s, Lyme, Premature Ageing, Cysts, Autism, or any other chronic, auto-immune, degenerative, or even life-threatening disease?

What you’re going through is valid, with physical causes!

Your symptoms are just your BODY’S CRY for help!

Don’t just ignore it! Don’t just band-aid it! Don’t just live (or die) with it!

Even if you have been ill for a while, and no doctor, no medicine, no diet or supplements could help you, here is your LIGHT at the end of the tunnel.

The pinnacle of the last 20 years of clinical practice, extensive, open-minded research, as well as personal experiences, merging the most powerful healing techniques from the fields of Holistic, Functional, Nutritional, Naturopathic, ​Energy, ​Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine, I developed the most comprehensive, all-natural, clinically proven, true and deep, purifying, regenerating and revitalising program that has EVER existed. To help you heal.

I am here, personally, to TEACH, GUIDE AND MENTOR you through it, in 1:1 online consultations, or a 99 day mentoring package, and help you HEAL, WHOLLY. Or enrol in our Self-Healing and Self-Care Academy and learn how to create an environment in your body that allows it to heal.

It will be the BEST, most exciting and profound project of your life.


With Love,
Dr. Isabella


Book a 15 MINS. CONSULTATION to ask specific questions, or to get to know Dr. Isabella and discuss your basic concerns and treatment options. 

Or book a FULL, ONE HOUR CONSULTATION to discuss your health concerns, lab results, detoxification methods, specific remedies and healing modalities, or anything else you wish to regarding your healing.

Upon receiving your booking, we will get back to you within 24 hours to arrange your call with Dr. Isabella over Skype, Zoom, Whatsapp, Telegram, Viber, or phone. 

Our body is a brilliant, divine, complex spark of the Universe. A wonder machine! It repairs, restores and regenerates, never-endingly and effortlessly, as long as we are alive, and has the power to heal itself from anything! If we eliminate the root causes and awaken our body’s natural forces and innate intelligence, our body will make new, healthy cells to replace the sick ones, and we simply lose our ‘diagnosis’, and heal from all our symptoms, even the ones we never even realised we had!

Much more than just consultations, Dr. Isabella will teach, guide and mentor you, in touch with you daily through calls, texts, voicemails and emails, and provide you with and lead you through the most comprehensive, all-natural, clinically proven, individualised, deep healing, regenerating and revitalising program that has EVER existed, to help you heal, wholly, from all your health issues, and prevent disease, even in old age.

She will help you become the BEST version of yourself EVER – physically, mentally, emotionally, and even spiritually and look-wise.

Empowering you with true wisdom, expert knowledge and practical know-how, collected in over 20 years of clinical practice, tireless studying, researching and experimenting, as well as personal experiences, she will help you PURIFY, NURTURE, NOURISH, REGENERATE AND REVITALISE your body, cells and tissues.

She will guide and supervise you all the way.

Whatever your health challenge & wherever you are in the World, book your 99 DAY PACKAGE, and give your body the chance to, finally, be 100% WELL again! For life!


It’s actually easy. And natural. And SO common sense! Because true health IS the natural state of our being. We just have to remove the bad and enhance the good.

Innovative, but tried and tested, and no-nonsense, using the BEST, MOST POWERFUL, ALL-NATURAL, deep healing techniques, detoxifiers, antimicrobials, cleanses, cellular regenerators and botanical superstars, Dr. Isabella will help you attack the underlying issues from every single angle and eliminate them, help your cells and tissues regenerate and awaken the natural forces inside your body – to help your body repair, restore and heal itself, and rejuvenate.

And just because we love you all, we will tell you HOW she does it. Check out the 18 steps of her protocol below.

  1. Awakening you to the root causes of your health issues
  2. Enlightening you with an essential working knowledge of your body
  3. Getting rid of all pathogenic bacteria, viruses, candida, worms & other parasites living inside your body
  4. Eliminating the heavy metals, pesticides and various other toxins from your cells and tissues
  5. Purging the plaque from your intestines, joints, arteries and brain
  6. Opening up your detoxification pathways
  7. Opening up your elimination channels for proper release of unwanted substances
  8. Activating cellular regeneration & enhancing cell renewal
  9. Optimising your biochemistry (aiming for optimal, vs. just ‘normal lab results)
  10. Teaching you how to prepare the most perfect, purified, mineralised, energised water
  11. Teaching you to cook the world’s healthiest, most nourishing, delicious foods
  12. Teaching you how to make your own, perfect, all-natural, toxin-free, high-end skincare, cosmetic, cleansing and wellness products
  13. Teaching you the best breathing techniques
  14. Teaching you how to connect with nature (and why)
  15. Teaching you how to implement proper ‘sun-therapy’
  16. Showing you the best physical activities and the reasons why you need them
  17. Teaching you the game of alignment with the Universe, and if needed, helping you through a spiritual emergency, all the way from a dark night of the soul to enlightenment, peace of mind, joy and LOVE to help you on your journey to self-discovery and wholeness.
  18. Should it, as in rare cases, still be required additionally, Dr. Isabella will also help you choose the safest, most effective procedures conventional, allopathic medicine has to offer (world-class diagnostics, dendritic cell therapy, hyperthermia, cryosurgery, stem cell therapy, low-dose chemo, etc.).

Dr. Isabella will be available to you, daily for 99 days, so she can help you, every step of the way. This includes calls, emails, texts, voicemails, and you’ll also receive her 4 books, and of course, your individual, written action plan, consisting of all fundamental remedies, as well as further specific actions she recommends, for your specific condition.

If this resonates with you, book your own 99 DAY PACKAGE.

Because you only have this one body to live this life in. And whatever your health challenge, with true knowledge, powerful tools and professional guidance, you CAN heal it. You CAN become WELL and feel 100% ALIVE again.

Your body can heal itself and achieve abundant health, youthfulness and longevity (and even great looks and brain power) if you awaken its natural forces and innate intelligence, and eliminate the toxic, pathogenic junk inside. Your health is really in Your hands, and we’re here to help you.


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